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Want to know the secret tool for obtaining streak-free glass and windows? The secret weapon is a Window Squeegee and we carry them right here at No matter what it is that you are cleaning, our top quality squeegees are the ideal tool for achieving a streak-free shine on all of your surfaces.

In the market for a strip washer and squeegee in one? The Unger Visa Versa Squeegee allows the user to just wash, flip over and squeegee using hand or pole. Do you need to clean large areas? The Libman stainless steel squeegee has an 18" rubber blade that wipes streak free and is ideal for use on large projects such as glass doors, windows, bathroom walls, shower walls and so much more. This versatile stainless steel squeegee can be used with or without a handle. Perhaps an all-purpose squeegee is more what you are looking for? We carry those, too, at discount prices! The appropriately-named Libman All-Purpose Squeegee is just that. Use it to clean a variety of surfaces. Its 6” wide rubber blade coupled with the contoured, molded handle with gripping dots makes hours of cleaning seem quick and painless. To clean floors with ease check out our Smart Fit Water Wand Squeegee by Unger that has a moss rubber floor squeegee with universal socket that accepts most industry handles for savings and convenience. This extra strong, heavy-duty squeegee effortlessly removes water from uneven floor surfaces and grouted tile. The open socket with flush and rinse feature helps prevent bacteria while the flexible color coding is perfect for preventing cross contamination.

Whichever type of squeegee you happen to be in the market for, be sure to trust to deliver it for less. Our top quality products and supplies offered at low, wholesale prices cannot be beat. Shop with us and start saving today!

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Unger 12" Golden Clip Window Squeegee, Brass, 10 Squeegees (UNG GS30)

18" Golden Clip Complete Window Squeegee, Black, Each (UNG GS45)

12" Pro Stainless Steel Window Squeegee Handle and Rubber Blade, Each (UNG PR30)

14" Stainless Steel Window Squeegee, w/Handle, Channel & Rubber Blade (UNG PR35)

16" Stainless Steel Complete Window Squeegee, Each (UNG PR40)

Stainless Steel Squeegees, Complete with Handle, 18 inch Rubber Blade (UNG PR45)

Unger UniTecLite Household Squeegee, 12in Head, Each (UNGUS300)

Unger Visa Versa Squeegee with 10in Strip Washer, 10 Washers (UNG VP25)

Unger Visa Versa Squeegee with 14in Strip Washer, 10 Washers (UNG VP35)

Unger Visa Versa Squeegee with 18in Strip Washer, 10 Washers (UNG VP45)

Ettore Master Brass Channels (SHR-ETT1417)

Libman 18" Stainless Steel Squeegees, 12 Squeegees (LIB-00190)

Libman All-Purpose Squeegee, 6" Wide Head, 12 Squeegees (LIB-00182)

Libman Microfiber & Squeegee Window Washers, 4 Washers (LIB-00194)

Unger Visa Versa Squeegee with 18" Strip Washer, Rubber Blade (UNGVP450)

Unger Pro Stainless Steel Window Squeegee, 16" Wide Blade (UNGPR400)

Unger Visa Versa Window Squeegee, 14" Strip Washer, Each (UNGVP350)

Unger SmartFit WaterWand Squeegee, 30" Wide Blade, Each (UNGHM30K)

Unger Pro Stainless Steel Window Squeegee, 14" Wide Blade (UNGPR350)

Unger Stainless Steel Window Squeegee, 18" Blade, Rubber, Straight (UNGPR45)

Bulk Buys Window Squeegee, 24/Pack (KOLE-GM241)

Bulk Buys Window squeegee, 12/Pack (KOLE-HA059)

Unger Golden Clip Brass Squeegee Complete, 12" Wide (UNGGS300)

Unger Golden Clip Brass Squeegee Complete, 18" Wide (UNGGS450)

Unger Squeegee & Strip Washer, 10", Nylon/Rubber/Cloth, White/Green (UNGVP25)

Libman 3-1 Window Squeegee, Microfiber Colth, 4 Squeegees (LIB-01067)

Libman 1070 Window Squeegee, Rubber Grip, 6 Squeegees (LIB-01070)

Unger Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee, 10" Wide Blade, 4" Handle (UNGPR25)

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Aluminum Channels, 22" Wide Blade, 5/Carton (UNGAC550CT)

Impact Products Stainless Steel Squeegee Complete, 1 Each (IMP6222)

BALKAMP Squeegee, Jelly Blade, 11", Red (BKI7601393)

Impact Products Squeegee, Stainless Steel, 6 Squeegees (IMP6222CT)