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Pressure Washer Accessories

A pressure washer is such a useful powerhouse machine that can help make your tedious cleaning tasks get done a little easier, a little more quickly, with much less effort. Why not outfit your pressure washer with all of the bells and whistles it deserves while making light of your cleaning job efforts at the same time? Here at we carry a vast selection of top quality Pressure Washer Accessories to help you work more efficiently, making more time for yourself and spending less time on the job at hand while producing outstanding results.

No one really enjoys cleaning gutters so why not make the task faster and easier to complete with our General Pump Gutter Cleaner that can get around tight corners and tough angles that are not easy to see. It conveniently snaps directly into your pressure washer’s gun or lance. When you are finished cleaning your gutters with it, why not use it for getting to your car’s underbody area for cleaning? That’s right, this attachment is ideal for also reaching into any hard-to-get and difficult-to-see places in order to thoroughly clean it with minimal effort. We have a plethora of quality accessories for your pressure washer. The General Pump Trigger Gun has a large comfortable hand grip to accommodate work gloves to reduce fatigue. All flow passages are designed for minimum pressure drop and maximum flow with additional venting for excellent high temperature performance and exceptional cleaning results. Maybe you are in the market for a wash down gun with features like variable nozzle, trigger controlled, adjustable fixed spray pattern and rubber bumpers to protect work from damage, in which case we have you covered. This high volume, low pressure wash-down gun is durable and has an impact-resistant handle for many years of usage.

Browse our online superstore for all of your pressure washer accessories and other products that you may need for your home or business. Our low, wholesale prices are second to none. Shop with us and start saving big today!

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General Pump Rear Entry Trigger Spray Gun (GUN-TG5010)

General Pump High Flow Rear Entry Wash Down Spray Gun (GUN-WG1635S)

United Hose 3/8" Pressure Washer Hose, 50ft, 4000 Psi, Black (HOS-HW50)

United Hose 3/8" Pressure Washer Hose, 100ft, 4000 Psi, Black (HOS-HW100)

United Hose Pressure Washer Hose, 3/8" x 50ft, 4000 Psi, Grey (HOS-HW50G)

United Hose 3/8" Pressure Washer Hose, 100ft, 4000 Psi, Grey (HOS-HW100G)

General Pump Rotary Nozzle, Hp, Large, 5100 Psi, 045 (NOZ-RN51045)

General Pump Quick Disconnect Nozzle, Yellow, 040 (NOZ-915040QC)

General Pump Quick Disconnect Nozzle Kit, 035, Assorted, 5 Nozzles (KIT-NZPK035)

General Pump Insulated Single Lance, 36", Chrome-Plated (WAN-SL36)

General Pump Single Lance, Insulated, Chrome-Plated, 79", Each (WAN-SL79)

General Pump Single Lance, Insulated, Chrome-Plated, 48", Each (WAN-SL48)

General Pump Hose Reel Kit with 3-Foot Joiner Hose, Black (KIT-HR150HP-3-BLK)

General Pump Sandblast Kit, Complete, 5500 Psi (ACC-SNDBLKT)

Easy Kleen Surface Cleaner, Stainless Steel, 24" Disc (ACC-SRFCLNR24)

General Pump Gutter Cleaner, 12", 1/4" Qc (ACC-GC12)

Easy Kleen Water Broom, 4-Nozzle, 1/4" Connector (ACC-WTRBRM4)

Reelcraft Pressure Wash Hose Reel, 3/8" ID, 50 FT, 5000 PSI (PW7600 OHP)

Reelcraft Pressure Wash Hose Reel, 3/8" ID, 50 FT, 4800 PSI (PW7650 OHP)

Reelcraft Pressure Wash Hose Reel, 3/8" ID, 75 FT, 4800 PSI (PWD76075 OHP)