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Computers and other pricey technology equipment are everywhere nowadays and it seems not much can get done without them. Unfortunately, computers are temperamental and need a nice, cool room to live in or they will overheat and crash. Cue: Air Conditioners to the rescue. Ideal for remedying this situation is the Tripp Lite Self-Contained Portable Air Conditioning Unit for Servers. This portable air conditioner is made for effectively cooling network wiring closets, server rooms, or basically any location with hot spots. With 12,000 BTU of cooling power, this powerful air conditioning unit can cool a room up to 500 square feet without the need for a water collection tank, drain, or outside contractor maintenance. This portable unit is not just for server rooms, though. This versatile unit can be used just about anywhere. Use in your home or business offices, warehouses, conference rooms, or any location with heat-sensitive equipment where facility air conditioning simply can’t reach. Built-in casters allow this air conditioner to be moved wherever it is needed while the built-in timer can be programmed for automatic start-up and shutdown. Protect your expensive technological investments and avoid having to pay for costly repairs or replacement of your high-priced equipment by simply keeping it cool with the Tripp Lite Air Conditioning Unit.

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