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Mobile Workcenters

Wondering what use you can get from our mobile workcenters? Our three-shelf utility carts and mobile workcenters are durable, strong, and quite versatile. They can be utilized in hospitals, laboratories, offices, warehouses, garages, and even home use. has heavy-duty and lightweight mobile workcenters and utility carts to easily and efficiently carry and move large loads and reduce return trips, getting the job done effectively and quickly. Imagine how simple it would be to keep all of your tools in one area and wheel it over to another area. Or transport heavy equipment and cumbersome computer accessories with ease from place to place. Envision how nice it will feel to know that everything is neatly in its place at home. The mobile workcenters and utility carts can easily and conveniently be used around the house as a wrapping station, for arts and crafts, carrying cleaning supplies, even as a potting station outdoors. Restaurants, caterers, libraries, mechanics, mail centers, and construction sites also can benefit from one of our many Rubbermaid Mobile Workcenters. As the numbers of uses are high, the prices are certainly not. has all of the mobile workcenters that you could want, including those with or without drawers, with anywhere from two to five shelves, even locking cabinets for securing medical supplies, expensive tools, or equipment.

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Rubbermaid 3-Shelf Utility Cart, Enclosed on 3 Sides, Off-White (RCP 4093 CRE)
Rubbermaid Cart 4091 Open Sided 3-Shelf Utility Cart, Black (RCP 4091 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4091 Open Sided 3-Shelf Utility Cart, Off-White (RCP 4091 CRE)
Rubbermaid 4-Shelf Utility Cart, Open All Sides, Black (RCP 4096 BLA)
Rubbermaid 7734 Mobile Work Center Five-Drawer, Black/Red (RCP 7734 BLA)
Rubbermaid Flat 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Medium, Beige (RCP 4525 BEI)
Rubbermaid Flat 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Small, Beige (RCP 4505 BEI)
Rubbermaid Ladder Cart with Cabinet, Black-Red (RCP 9T58 BLA)
Rubbermaid 9S11 Extendable Mobile Safety Barrier, Yellow (RCP 9S11 YEL)
Rubbermaid 9T66 Service/Utility Cart With 2 Shelves, Black (RCP 9T66 BLA)
Rubbermaid Service Large Utility Cart 2 Shelf, Black  (RCP 9T67 BLA)
Rubbermaid AV/Equipment Cart, Lockable Enclosed Shelf, Black (RCP 4095 BLA)
Rubbermaid 3 Shelf Cart with Brushed Aluminum Uprights, Beige (RCP 9T65-71 BEI)
Rubbermaid 3-Shelf Utility Cart with Aluminum Uprights, Black (RCP 3424-88 BLA)
Rubbermaid 3-Shelf Utility Cart w/ Aluminum Uprights, Plat (RCP 3424-88 PLA)
Rubbermaid 3-Shelf Utility Cart w/Enclosed Panels, Platinum (RCP 3355-88 PLA)
Rubbermaid Trades Cart with Locking Cabinet, Black (RCP 6180-88 BLA)