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Merchandisers create impulse sales by placing foods in your customers’ direct eyesight. Omcan’s Hot Food Merchandisers are perfect for supermarkets, take-out areas in eateries, as well as concession stands, convenience stores, cafeterias, and many other self-serve applications. Our attractive merchandisers will not only keep food hot and fresh, but also visually appealing to increase impulse buying. Able to consistently keep hot foods at the optimum serving temperature for food safety and taste, Omcan merchandisers showcase the food, which is where the focus should be. Presentation is key in getting the customer to purchase your delicious food, so why not place it in a display case that will set the stage for it. Not only does strategic merchandising equipment help bring in more business and ultimate sales, but it also provides the paying customers with on-the-go convenience with the option of fresh, flavorful food that comes in handy when in a hurry.

How do I get started in the restaurant business?

According to Touch Bistro’s, there are a few stages to complete before moving on to the next. Here they are in the order in which they should be done, so you can be sure to cross all your “t’s” and dot all of your “i’s” before the final opening stage: 

First, there is the Planning Stage:
Second is the Building Stage:
Next is the Enabling Stage:
Finally, it is the most exciting stage of all – Opening:

How much will it cost to open up my own restaurant?

According to, opening a start-up restaurant is usually a costly plan. In 2013, a franchise burger joint could be opened for under $500,000 and costs to open a new fine-dining restaurant can easily top $1 million before even a single customer sits down to eat. Is spending that kind of cash the only way to succeed to spend? Of course not!  Chef Chris Dupont tells, “Think of the first restaurant in a new concept as a test case. Find a small, existing restaurant space, give it a cosmetic makeover, and get great food out there, so diners can start the buzz going. He continues, ‘Ultimately, you'll be graded on the food. Diners do not come back because you put in a $600,000 kitchen -- they're coming to eat the food.’ He said, ‘You don't need $100,000 to open something you're passionate about. Anyone could open a restaurant with a credit card, and get their business going.’" There you go.
How can I keep costs down in opening my restaurant? Chef Chris Dupont tells how he kept costs to a minimum to start up his own restaurant in 2013 called “Tau Poco” located in Birmingham, Alabama with only $13,000.

His secrets to a low-cost launch?

Tune out advice from others and make your own budget and “reject conventional wisdom” about what other people believe is mandatory in your restaurant on opening day or “you’ll end up spending five times what you need to.”

Think makeover
 but do not overdo it. Lease a property already outfitted as an eatery to keep costs way down. If there are furnishings or fixtures that are outdated, simply replace those with low-cost replacements that fit the restaurant’s theme.

Buy raw materials and shop sales for items like flooring. Do not shy away from big box stores. Expand your horizons and be creative with where to shop for the best deals.

Focus on the essentials and make sure the space is clean and safe.

Hire local for branding and merchandising. Think outside the box and consider paying a local artist a fraction of what is could cost to hire a popular design form for interior murals, menus, and outdoor signage. Not only will it be more cost effective, but you may be their only client so you are guaranteed to have their undivided attention on this project. You will likely receive something ultra-creative that a big design company would not have done before and you will be helping out local artists to boot.

Reuse what you can in the space to keep costs at bay. Chef Dupont said he reused the former eatery’s outdoor sign and flipped it over to have his local artist paint the new restaurant’s name. In doing this, he “saved both on materials and on red tape and permit costs -- reusing the sign meant Dupont could skip the city's signage review process.”

Lease any big cost items that you can. You may decide a giant commercial-sized refrigerator is what you need but it turns out something smaller will do just fine. If you lease it for a while first, it will help you figure out what works well and what can use some tweaking without have to pay a lot upfront at the startup.

Do without some optional items and decide later on after you open your doors what you absolutely need and do not absolutely need in order to run your eatery smoothly.

Buy wholesale whenever possible. Shop unlikely places for great deals. You can literally save thousands in the end.

Omcan hot food merchandisers are versatile, reliable, easy-to-use, and are very efficient. Known for their dependability with holding foods at the ideal temperature, Omcan merchandisers are perfect for start-up businesses as well as for the more well-established eateries for quick, hot meals and snacks that are on par with today’s hectic lifestyles and full schedules. When done effectively, merchandisers will bring in a good deal of business with impulse buys, so get ready to conjure up some delicious offerings for your hungry customers and start seeing an increase in sales and your bottom line. Shop for all of your top quality Omcan food merchandisers at our low, wholesale prices and start saving big today!

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Lorell Shelving, Wire, Boltless, 2300 lb. Cap, 48"x18"x60", Black (LLR99930)

Imbera USA 1-Section Refrigerated Merchandiser, 17.03 Cubic Feet (G3-19-HC)