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CLEANIT Urine Deflector Toilet Seat Splash Guard

Are you tired of constantly cleaning up accidental urine spills on the bathroom floor? Does urine seem to inadvertently soil your clothing when sitting down to use the toilet? Our CleanIt PGuard Toilet Seat Urine Deflectors are the perfect solution to ensuring the urine stays in the bowl where it belongs with each and every restroom elimination trip. No more embarrassing messes. Quick, easy, affordable and efficient, our disposable “pee guard” innovative design makes it simple to install the toilet seat urine deflector and replace it as needed. PGuards are not only easy to clean and sanitary, but they are also a timesaver. Stop constantly trying to clean up the stains and lingering smell on your clothing that bathroom accidents tend to leave behind. It is not just about cleanliness, it is also about dignity!

Practically invisible, the PGuard urine toilet seat urine deflector's uniquely sleek design seamlessly blends into the toilet seat making it appear to be a part of the seat itself and disappears from view when the seat is down. As an added benefit, PGuards also give off a mild fresh scent that is a pleasant addition to any bathroom. Just sit and go without worry or concern. Even better, they are made in the USA, so you can feel good about your purchase.

If you have a physical disability that prevents you from standing up to urinate, this is the ideal proactive tool for keeping your bathroom clean, fresh and sanitary. These toilet seat urine deflectors are perfect for older adults living on their own, disabled veterans, and even toddlers learning to use the potty. Our CleanIt PGuard toilet seat splash guards are available in a variety of money-saving packs. Not sure if you want to commit to a package? No problem. also offers their urine splash guards in singles, too. Try one out and see how it works. You will likely be back for more deflectors after experiencing how easy it is to use and what a great job it does at keeping the urine in the toilet bowl, off of the floor, and away from your clothing.

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PGuard Urine Deflector Pee Splash Guard, Fresh Linen Scent, Each (CISPGUARD1)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 3 Pack (CISPGUARD3)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 6 Pack (CISPGUARD6)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 24 Pack (CISPGUARD24)

CLEANIT PGuard - Toilet Seat Urine Deflector, 3 Pack (CIS-PGUARD3)