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Embarking on a new food establishment venture is one of the most exciting things. As much fun as it can be to start your own business, there also are many unknowns. Cue: for the very best in quality, selection and prices on all of the Omcan Food Equipment and Omcan machinery that you could possibly want or need, not only to start up your own food business, but also for the more experienced chefs who just need to upgrade or replace a piece of quality equipment. We carry everything you may need like a Omcan Non-Insulated Heater Proofer Cabinet that is not only durable and easy to clean, but will heat and circulate from air baffle and circulating air blower for even heating and circulation. We also have in stock and ready to ship many types and varying sizes of high quality meat grinders, pasta cutters, sausage stuffers, slicers, and so much more, all at low, wholesale pricing.

How does commercial kitchen food equipment differ from residential kitchen equipment?

The most obvious difference in residential verses commercial kitchen equipment is the size. Many residential homes cannot fit and do not have a need for a commercial size oven whose job is to crank out as many meals as possible. The second difference is the commercial kitchen equipment is made to withstand harsh use. Commercial appliances are also quite a bit noisier to run than residential since the motors are larger. For instance, a commercial size refrigerator will have a larger compressor that is much louder. Commercial range hoods are able to handle a greater amount of smoke coming from the hot and busy stove than residential exhaust fan hoods. If you ever came into contact with a commercial food equipment, you will have noticed that the stainless steel that is often used to manufacture it is a much higher gauge and much heavier equipment for use in the home. All in all, commercial food equipment and appliances are made to be functional, not attractive, and will almost always carry a much larger price tag over its smaller residential counterparts.

What types of restaurant food equipment is needed?

Let’s face it, starting your own food establishment is not an easy feat. There will be much blood, sweat and tears involved and a ton of money will be needed to be spent. Exactly what type of food equipment do you need to run a successful restaurant business? Here is a general checklist of everything you need to outfit your restaurant kitchen according to
There may be other food equipment that is needed depending upon the type of food establishment. For instance, you may need an ice cream maker or possibly a meat grinder or even a pizza paddle and pizza screens in addition to a juicer, pasta maker or bread machine.

What are the absolute essentials needed for restaurant kitchen equipment?

If the above list was a little too overwhelming, read on for a shortened list of the Top 10 Essentials by
  1. Freezers and refrigerators
  2. Food preparation counters
  3. Slicers
  4. Mixers
  5. Food processors
  6. Ranges
  7. Ovens
  8. Sinks
  9. Shelving
  10. Safety equipment

Can I buy used restaurant equipment?

Yes, but should you? It depends on many factors.

One of the first factors to consider is whether it is in good working order. Why is it being sold? Is it clean? Would you yourself eat the food coming into contact with it? 

Second, is it really worth the money they are asking for it or can you get something brand new for not too much more? Are you paying for the brand name alone or is it worth the price tag?

Is a warranty included, and if not, how much would it be to purchase one if you wanted the equipment covered?

Some items are worth splurging for and others not so much. You need to go through your budget and figure out which items are spend-worthy and which are acceptable purchasing gently used.

Lastly, some food equipment may be leased in order to save some money, but invest in a lawyer to read and re-read the terms and conditions and make sure that the total cost at the contract’s end is not costing more for rent than it would have if you purchased the items outright.

Whether you are in the market for cooking equipment or pasta sheeters, we have exactly what you need at a price that will leave plenty of room in your tight budget. Fortunately, you will not have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Omcan manufactures top quality food equipment machinery, equipment, products and supplies. We carry rice cookers as well as rice warmers. We also have electric pasta machines as well as manual ones. Plan on making your own sausages? Check out our sausage stuffers that have a seven pound capacity and four stainless steel stuffing tubes that will have you making delicious homemade sausages in no time at all. Whatever it is you need or want, you will be able to purchase right here. We keep our warehouse fully stocked so you won’t have to wait long for your order to arrive. Buy today, use tomorrow! Our quality is top notch, our selection is vast and our prices are second to none. Browse for all of your food service and restaurant supply needs in addition to so much more. Shop and save with us on discounted, top quality Omcan food equipment, merchandisers and refrigeration products and supplies and start saving big. We are your one-stop shop for all things food related, so be sure to shop and save with us today!

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Omcan Heater Proofer, Cabinet Only, Non-Insulated (31834)

Omcan Electric Control Box for Heated Proofer, 14 Amps, Each (39528)

Omcan Pasta Cutters For Sheeters 1.5 Mm (13222)

Omcan Pasta Cutters For Sheeters, Stainless Steel, 2 MM, Each (13223)

Omcan Pasta Cutter For Sheeters, Stainless Steel, 4 MM, Each (13224)

Omcan Pasta Cutter For Sheeters, Stainless Steel, 6.5 MM, Each (13225)

Omcan Pasta Cutter For Sheeters, Stainless Steel, 12 MM, Each (13226)

Omcan Single Pasta Cutter Spaghetti Attachment, 2 MM, Round (13227)

Omcan Citrus Juicer, 0.25HP Motor, 110V, 1750 RPM, 1 Each (10865)

Omcan Vacuum Packing Machine with Analog Control, 110v (14407)

Omcan #12 Meat Grinder .5HP Light-Duty, Steel Plates, 110v, Each (21640)

Omcan Tabletop Induction Cooker, 3500w, 240v, 16.5” x 13” x 4”, Each (44226)

Omcan #12 Grinder Head Complete Unit, Fit #12 Drive Hubs (10051)

Omcan Outdoor Propane Burner 40,000 BTU, Heavy Duty Steel Frame, Each (23633)

Omcan 24.3 Quart Non-Stick Rice Warmer, 110v, 103w, Each (43423)

Omcan 13.7 Quart Non-Stick Rice Cooker, 110v, 1550w, Each (39454)

Omcan Manual Pasta Sheeter, 8.25" Roller Length, 1 Each (13231)

Omcan Vertical Manual Sausage Stuffer, 7-lb. Capacity (24198)

Omcan Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer, 11-lb Capacity (24199)

Omcan Belt Driven Slicer, 0.2HP, 9" Blade, 110v, Each (21629)

Omcan Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer, 15-lb. Capacity (24200)

Omcan Ice Shaver, 70 Cubes Capacity, Drip Pan, 1 Each (43466)

Omcan Bain Marie, 36”, 1500w, 110v, 13.78 x 35.63 x 12.40, Each (42156)

Omcan Electric Pasta Sheeter, Stainless Steel, 110v,1550w, Each (13232)

Omcan 10" Blade Belt Driven Slicer, 0.2HP, 110v, Each (19067)

Omcan Stainless Steel Cheese Grater, 1.5HP, 110v, Each (11403)

Omcan 57" Bain Marie, 1800w, 110v, 5 Half-Size Pans, 1 Each (43055)

Omcan Food Processor, 0.75HP, 5” Opening, 110v, 19” x 9” x 19.70”, Each(19476)

Omcan Fruit and Vegetable Juicer, 1.74HP, 120v, 1 Each (10827)

Omcan 12" Blade Belt Driven Slicer, 0.33HP Motor, 110v, 1 Each (19068)

Omcan Conveyor Oven, 14” Belt, 240v (11387)

Omcan #12 Meat Grinder, 1HP with Reverse Switch, 110v (21720)

Omcan Single Panini Grill, 1800w, 120v (19936)

Omcan #12 Stainless Steel Meat Grinder, .87HP, 110v (23580)

Omcan 46" Bain Marie, 1500w, 110v (42157)

Omcan Tilting Blender 1.5HP 16 QT (37969)

Omcan Tilting Blender 1.5HP 26 QT 110v (31502)

Omcan #22 Meat Grinder 1.5HP with Reverse Switch, 110v (21634)

Omcan Potato Peeler 0.5HP Heavy Duty 110v (13443)

Omcan #22 Meat Grinder 2HP Moderate-Duty, 110v (11067)

Omcan Tabletop Band Saw 0.5HP, 74” Blade 110v (10274)

Omcan Belt Driven Slicer 0.5HP, 14” Blade Economy 110v (23544)

Countertop Single Quartz Pizza Oven 1800w 120v (24210)

Omcan #32 Heavy Duty Meat Grinder, 2HP, 110v (43628)

Omcan Manual Volano Slicer with Standard Flywheel 12” (13634)

Omcan 10 Quart Planetary Mixer, 0.67HP, 110v (20467)

Omcan 1" Bread Slicer, 0.25HP, 110v (44246)

Omcan 1/2" Bread Slicer, 0.25HP, 110v (44247)

Omcan 3/4" Bread Slicer, 0.25HP, 110v (44248)

Omcan Bread Slicer 5/8” 0.25HP 110v (44249)

Omcan Bread Slicer 7/16” 0.25HP 110v (44250)

Omcan Manual Volano Slicer with Standard Flywheel 14” (13639)

Countertop Double Quartz Pizza Oven 3200w 240v (39580)

Omcan 20 Quart Planetary Mixer, 1.5HP, 110v (20441)

Omcan Dough Sheeter with 82” Conveyor, 0.75HP, 220v (42154)

Omcan Band Saw 2HP, 98” Blade, 220v (10271)

Omcan 30 Quart Planetary Mixer, 2HP, 110v (20442)

Omcan Planetary Mixer 3HP 60 QT 220v (19999)

American Range Professional Griddle Thermostatic Control 24"W x 30"D x 10"H, 1" thick plate (AETG-1-24-24-XT)

American Range Professional Griddle Thermostatic Control 36"W x 30"D x 10"H, 1" thick plate (AETG-1-36-24-XT)

American Range Professional Griddle Thermostatic Control 48"W x 30"D x 10"H, 1" thick plate (AETG-1-48-24-XT)

American Range M-Series Heavy Duty Majestic Gas Convection Oven, Single Deck (MSD-1-GL)

American Range M-Series Heavy Duty Majestic Gas Convection Oven, Double Deck (MSD-2-GL)

American Range M-Series Heavy Duty Majestic Electric Convection Oven, Single Deck (MSDE-1-GL)

American Range M-Series Heavy Duty Majestic Electric Convection Oven, Double Deck (MSDE-2-GL)

American Range Model No. AF-35/50 Professional Fryer (AF-35/50)

American Range 24" Wide Heavy Duty Restaurant Range 20" Wide Oven (AR-4)

American Range 6-Burner Heavy Duty Restaurant Range, 26-1/2" Wide Oven (AR-6)

American Range Heavy Duty Radiant Broiler 36"W x 29"D x 10"H (ARRB-36)

American Range Heavy Duty Radiant Broiler 48"W x 29"D x 10"H (ARRB-48)

American Range Dual Control Salamander Infrared Broiler 36"W x 18"D x 17"H (ARSB-36)

Classic Coffee Concepts Electric Kettle, 1.7 Liter, Each (MFEBVMCEKVT100)

Durable Packaging Aluminum Roaster Pans, Extra-Large Oval, 50/Carton (DPK40010)