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Contractor Bags are not all the same. You might think simply using a common trash bag instead will do the trick, except the joke is on you if so, and you will be paying dearly for that tragic mistake. Contractor bags are built to withstand heavier duties than standard trash or garbage bags. Contractor bags are very durable and are able to contain just about anything that is thrown into them with great ease. They will not tear, puncture or spill the contents all over the ground like a regular trash bag could in the same situation holding the same materials. With that said, it is important to reiterate that contractor bags are not all the same.

Sure, you can go almost anywhere and pick up a box of contractor bags and think you are receiving a quality item based on the price you pay. Except the problem with that scenario is that quality and price do not equate and you will be left with overpaying for an inferior product that will not perform as expected. Why? Because not all contractor bags are the same in quality. You may think you are receiving a 3mil can liner since you are paying for a 3mil bag when in reality some manufacturers are “cutting corners” and constructing their bags at a slightly lower mil and are getting away with it. This lower mil rating actually reduces the thickness of the bag and the super-heavy duty bag you purchased does not perform as well as it should. Not only are you paying for it out of pocket, but you are left with a possible mess when the bag rips, tears, punctures or breaks. This will cost you time, labor and much aggravation.

Trust to deliver top quality contractor bags at low, wholesale prices. Our CleanIt Contractor Bags are made of the highest quality so you get what you expect. We are able to offer our top performing contractor bags at affordable prices because we cut out the pricey middleman and pass those savings onto you, our customers. This is how it should be: quality products and supplies at fair and honest prices every single day. Shop and start saving on contractor bags and so much more today!

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60 Gallon Black Contractor Garbage Bags, 32x50, 3mil, 20 Bags (WBI186470)

General Paper Lawn & Leaf Bag, 50-lb Kraft, 50 Bags (BAGRBR30105BO)

CLEANIT 42 Gallon Black Contractor Bags, 33x48, 3mil, 50 Bags (CIS33483)

Warp's Heavyweight Contractor Bags, 35 x 56, 55gal, 3mil, Black, 30/Box (WRPHB5530)