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MaidPro Essential Cleaning Supplies | Exclusive for MaidPro Franchisees

You would not look to Chef Emeril Lagasse for singing advice. So why shop anywhere else for your cleaning products and supplies? carries all of the top-rated professional cleaners for your cleaning business at a fraction of the cost of other stores and sites. Even better news is that MaidPro and are teaming up to provide you with the best prices on your go-to products! This is big news! MaidPro is a highly-respected company rated by Forbes as one of the Top 10 Franchises in addition to earning many other accolades and awards.

Professional cleaners know that cleaning a room is not about swiping a surface with a rag and some cleanser found on clearance at a general merchandise store. Any professional knows you must have the correct tools in order to get job done most effectively and most efficiently in the most affordable way possible. Here at, we carry the most popular, top-ranked, preferred professional cleaning products to help you get the job done right the first time, saving your business time, money and labor. Offering the top brand names such as Comet, Spic and Span and Misco, our professional cleaning supplies are almost as essential to a successful business as the professional maids themselves. When you shop with us, you are receiving top quality products at everyday low, discounted prices. Our professional cleaning products and supplies are offered to our customers at wholesale pricing, so your service company can put those savings right back into growing the business. No membership fees, no minimum purchases, just quality cleaning products at honest prices. We offer fast shipping on the best brands at the lowest wholesale prices and exceptional customer service. This is what is really all about.

How could we do this and why would we do this? By not having a brick and mortar retail store we save on rent. We have a few warehouses that we keep fully stocked and are able to cut out the middleman saving even more money. We simply pass those savings on to you, our customer, because it is the right thing to do. Our goal is not to make a quick sale from the occasional site visitor. We want to be your go-to store for all things cleaning related. The more you buy the more you save, so we offer our products in bulk at wholesale prices for even greater savings. In the end, you save money on quality products that you would be purchasing anyway and we gain a loyal, long-term customer. With our quick-shipping guarantee, you receive your order in mere days not weeks since our products are usually in stock at our warehouse for immediate dispatch.

Whether you are in the market for restroom cleaners, disinfectants or all-purpose cleaners for your MaidPro professional cleaning business, be sure to shop for the very best in selection, quality, price, and customer service. If you happen to have any questions about our products, prices, need expert advice on cleaning techniques or need assistance with placing an order, please contact us at and our professionally-trained staff will gladly assist you in any way they possibly can.

Trust for all of the MaidPro essential professional cleaning products and supplies that your maid services business and professional cleaning company needs at a price that will change the way you shop for professional cleaning supplies and products forever. Shop with us and start saving today!

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BUL-IT Multi-Purpose Restroom Cleaner, 1 Gallon (BUL-01MN)

FORMULA X05 RTU Heavy Duty Spray Cleaner, 12 Quarts (X05-12MN)

SPECTRUM HBV Hospital Virucidal Disinfectant, 1 Gallon (SPE-01MN)

SUPER BLUE Film Free General Purpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon (SUB-01MN)

Febreze Fabric Refresher Concentrate, 1 Gal Bottle, 2 Bottles/Carton (PGC36551)

Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner, Lavender Scent, 4 Gallons (CPC 04307)

Boardwalk Toilet Bowl Mop, 4 1/2" Polypropylene, 12" Plastic Handle (BWK00160EA)

Ansell Disposable Nitrile Gloves, Blue, Extra-Large, 100 Gloves (ANS 92-675-XL)

Boardwalk Grout Brush, Nylon Bristles, 7/8" Trim, 8 1/8" Handle (BWK9008)

Comet Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner, Citrus Scent, 3 Gallons (PGC22570CT)

Rubbermaid Iron Handle 6" Scrub Brush, Plastic, Yellow/Blue (RCP6482COB)

Comet Deodorizing Cleanser Powder with Chlorinol, 21-oz Can (PGC32987EA)

U.S. Pumie Scouring Sticks, Porcelain and Tile Cleaner, Dozen (UPM12)

Spic and Span All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray & Glass Cleaner, 2 Gal (PGC32538)

33 Gallon Clear Trash Bags, 33x40, 11 mic, 500 Bags (IBSS334011N)

33 Gallon Black Trash Bags, 33x40, 16mic, 250 Bags (IBSS334016K)

Gerson Nuisance Dust Mask, Paper, Elastic Head Strap, White, 50 Masks (GSN1501)

AnsellPro Sol-Vex Nitrile Gloves, 18" Length, Large (ANS371859PR)

16 Gallon Clear Trash Bags, 24x31, 6mic, 1000 Bags (GEN243106)

Dawn 04852 Heavy Duty Degreaser, 1 Gallon, 3 Bottles (PGC04852)

MPC elements Lavender Breeze Air Freshener, 80 oz., 2/Case, 2/Case (MPC-115919)

LA BAMBA Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 4 Gallons (LMP-14MN)

Goo Gone Pro-Power Cleaner, Citrus Scent, 1 Gallon Bottle (WMN2085)

Boardwalk Trigger Spray Bottle, 32 oz, Clear/Red, HDPE, 3/Pack (BWK03010)

Ansellpro ProTuf Latex/Nylon Lightweight Gloves, Large, 144 Pairs (ANS198L9CT)

Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser & Polish, 21-oz, 12 Cans (BKF11514CT)

Ansellpro Technicians Latex/Neoprene Blend Gloves, Size 7, 12 Pairs (ANS3907)

Boardwalk Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Large, Cream, 1000 Gloves (BWK310LCT)

Boardwalk Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Medium, Cream, 1000 Gloves (BWK310MCT)

Boardwalk Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Small, Cream, 1000 Gloves (BWK310SCT)

Boardwalk Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, X-Large, Cream, 1000 Gloves (BWK310XLCT)

Boardwalk Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Large, Cream, 100 Gloves (BWK310LBX)

Boardwalk Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Medium, Cream, 100 Gloves (BWK310MBX)

Boardwalk Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, Small, Cream, 100 Gloves (BWK310SBX)

Boardwalk Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves, X-Large, Cream, 100 Gloves (BWK310XLBX)

Cascades PRO Select 2-Ply Kitchen Paper Towel Rolls, 30 Rolls (CSDK070)

Cascades PRO Select Standard 2-Ply Toilet Paper Rolls, 96 Rolls (CSDB020)

Misty Lemon Oil Furniture Polish, Lemon Scent, 1 gal Bottle (AMR1001517)