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Literature & Documentation Organization

For Literature and Documentation Organization, has a vast selection of products to suit your specific needs and wants at everyday, low prices. We offer literature and documentation organization from trusted top brand name Tarifold, Inc. who has been helping individuals and companies organize, store, protect, and display information for half of a century.

Helping make information quickly accessible and offering products that aid in higher efficiency, Tarifold offers everything from desk stands and catalog racks to magnetic pockets and reference starter kits. Our best seller is the Index Divider Set for Catalog Rack. The sturdy dividers allow for easy turning of heavy and bulky catalogs in the rack while the metal tabs securely hold inserts. For catalog rack starter kits we have the Tarifold 50411 that is perfect for storing and organizing large capacity catalogs and punched printed material. The durable heavy gauge steel construction provides easy access to thick catalogs and manuals. This catalog rack starter kit has a 12 section base, 12 ring sections and 2 wings. The ring section holds 1" of three-holed punched catalogs. If you are searching for a modular reference display extension unit, we carry those, too. Remove the pockets easily for copying and add more units for larger expansion. We also have desk stands that allow for the most frequently referenced documents to be easily accessed from two viewing sides per pivot. Expand as needed up to 30 pockets with add-on units. When searching for magnetic safety frame display pockets, check out our huge selection of colors to frame, protect, and display your safety information with high visibility. These security display frames provide optimal risk prevention and information procedures in any location. Easily and securely relocate these magnetic frames to any metal location as needed.

Whichever type of literature and documentation organization products you may need, be sure to shop our online superstore for the best in quality, selection, and price. Shop and start saving today!

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Tarifold Catalog Rack Starter Kit, 6 Sections, Black, 1 Each (50410)

Tarifold Modular Reference Display Wall Unit Starter Set (TW271)

Tarifold Wall Unit Reference Organizer Starter Set, 10 Pockets (W291)

Tarifold FoldFive Desktop Organizer Starter Set, 10 Pockets (D291F)

Tarifold Modular Reference System Desk Stand Starter Set, Gray (TD271)

Tarifold Antimicrobial Organizer 10 Pocket Expansion Set, Black (WA271)

Tarifold Desktop Organizer Starter Set, 20 Assorted Color Pockets (D292)

Tarifold Antimicrobial Desktop Organizer Starter Set, Black (DA271)

Tarifold Black Line Desk Set, Black/Green, 10 Pockets (DBL291)

Tarifold Wall Unit Reference Organizer Starter Set, 5 Pockets (W290)

Tarifold Desktop Reference Starter Set, 10 Pockets, Each (D291)

Tarifold Replacement Pivoting Pocket Packs, 10 Pockets (P090)

Tarifold Crystal Desk Reference Display System, 10 Pockets, Clear (CD271)

Tarifold Catalog Rack Starter Set, 12 Section Base, Each (50411)

Tarifold Crystal 20 Pocket Desk Reference Display Starter Set, Clear (CD272)

Magneto Safety Frame Display Pockets w/Magnet Back, Red/White (P194943)

Magneto Safety Frame Display Pocket w/Magnet Back, Yellow/Black (P194944)

Magneto Safety Frame Display Pockets w/Magnetic Back, Green/White (P194945)

Magneto Self-Adhesive Safety Frame Display Pockets, Red & White (P194993)

Magneto Self-Adhesive Safety Frame Display Pockets, Yellow/Black (P194994)

Magneto Self-Adhesive Safety Frame Display Pockets, Green/White (P194995)

Tarifold Modular Reference Display Desk Stand Starter Set (TFITDBL291)

Tarifold Hidentity Personal Protection Assortment, 4 Holders (H11214)

Tarifold Magneto Safety Sign Inserts, 6 Assorted Messages (P1949TA)

Kang Magnetic Corner Repositionable Display Pocket, 5 Pockets (P194750)

Kang Corner Closure Repositionable Display Pocket, 5 Pockets (P194674)

Kang Corner Closure Permanent Adhesive Display Pocket, 5 Pockets (P194684)

Kang Magnetic Back Display Pocket with Corner Closure, 5 Pockets (P194694)

Kang Easy Write Repositionable Adhesive Display Pocket, 5 Pockets (P15430)

Kang Easy Load Static Cling Window Display Pocket, 10 Pockets (P20936)

Kang Water-Resistant Signage Display Pocket, 10 Pockets (P20061)