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Whether you are shopping for a school, medical facility, office, restaurant, bar or even your home, you can be certain that has all of the bar and restaurant supplies that you need. From coffee stirrers and cocktail straws to disposable shot glasses and griddle screens, you will find all food service related items here at low wholesale prices, everyday.

For coffee bars to cocktail bars, we have everything you need to run a successful business or simply stock up your home and office breakroom without having to break the bank. Our selection of wholesale bar supplies include straws and stirrers in multiple colors such as red or black. They are perfect for hot and cold beverages. Their unwrapped style is great for preventing unwanted waste. Choose from a variety of all-purpose stirrers in sizes such as 5", 5.5", 6" or 7" or our heavy-duty 8" sipper stick straws. Whichever you decide on, you are receiving the highest quality products at discounted prices. If you are looking to stock a bar at home bar or a commercial location, our Party Bomber Shot Cups have an elegant look ideal for any party or event. They eliminate the risk of spills, breaking, chipping and over-pouring with the innovative shot-sized center chamber cup. For cafeterias and commercial kitchens, our griddle screens are made of tough aluminum oxide abrasive which eliminates the toughest burnt-on foods. The open mesh screen resists clogging and its quick cleaning action leaves no mess on the grill.

As low as our prices are, buying in bulk saves you even more. Stock up on bar and restaurant supplies for your home or business. Browse our selection of supplies and see what else you can save on. Our quality products are in stock and ready to ship. Shop for your wholesale bar supplies today!

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Rubbermaid 9F75 Bouncer 32-oz. Contour Scoop, Clear (RCP 9F75 CLE)

Rubbermaid 9F43 Safe Ice Scoop Holder, Stainless Steel, 1 Each (RCP9F43)

WNA 6-oz One-Piece Wine Classicware Stemware, 100 GlassesĀ (WNACWSWN6)

6-oz Martini, Comet Stemware, Clear, Plastoc, 96 Glasses (WNAMT696)

Libman 035 Glass and Dish Sponge, 2 1/4" x 4 1/2" , 12 Sponges (LIB-00035)

Boardwalk Beverage Napkins, 1-Ply, White, 4,000 Napkins (BWK 8317)

Chenille Kraft Flat Wooden Toothpicks, 2500 Toothpicks (CKC369001)

Eco-Products Wooden Stir Sticks, 7", Birch Wood, 1000 Sticks (ECONTSTC10C)

Dixie Jumbo Straws, 7 3/4", Plastic, Translucent, 500/Box (DXEJW74)

Compostable Straws, 7 3/4", Plastic, Clear, 9600 per Carton (ECOEPST770)

Office Snax Plastic Stir Sticks, 5", White, 1,000 Sticks (OFXSTR5)

Bevnap Beverage Napkins, Single-Ply, 9-1/2 x 9-1/2, 4000/Carton (GPC96019)

Hospeco Counter Cloth Bar Towels, Assorted Colors, 5 Bags (HOS536605DZBX)

Rubbermaid Commercial 2882 Bouncer Bar/Utility Scoop, 6-oz, Clear (RCP2882CLE)

Rubbermaid Bouncer Bar/Utility Scoop, 32-oz., Clear (RCP2884CLE)

Rubbermaid Bouncer Bar & Utility Scoop, 64-oz., White (RCP2885WHI)

Rubbermaid Bouncer Bar/Utility Scoop, 64-oz., Clear (RCP2886CLE)

Boardwalk Beverage Napkins, 1-Ply, 9 1/2 x 9, White (BWK8317)

San Jamar Versa-Mat Bar-Shelf Plastic Liner, 12w x 12d x .25h, Blk (SJMVM5280BK)

Beer Clean Last Rinse Glass Sanitizer Powder, 100 Packets (DVO90223)

Royal Club Cellophane-Frill Wood Picks, 4", Assorted, 1000/Ctn (RPPR812W)

Royal Round Wood Toothpicks, 2 3/4", Natural, 96,000 Toothpicks (RPPR820)

Genuine Joe Individually Wrapped Straws, 7-3/4", 500/BX, Translucent (GJO58925)

Lorell Woodback Barstool, 19"x22"x45", Mahogany (LLR89061)

Converting Inc Beverage Napkin, Hunter Green, 600 Napkins (FOR-0345)

National Checking Guest Check, 5000/Checks (FOR-2842)

Hoffmaster Red Beverage Napkin - 1/4 Fold 2 Ply (4/250), 1000/Case (FOR-4800)

Hoffmaster Black Beverage Napkin, 1,000 Napkins (FOR-4797)

Solo Ecru Beverage Napkin, 1,000 Napkins (FOR-4795)

Hoffmaster Navy Beverage Napkin, 1,000 Napkins (FOR-4798)

Hoffmaster Burgundy Beverage Napkin, 1,000 Napkins (FOR-4796)

Hoffmaster 2 Ply White Beverage Napkin. 3,000 Napkins (FOR-4794)

Hoffmaster Hunter Green Beverage Napkin, 1,000 Napkins (FOR-4799)

ACS Industries Griddle Screen, 200 Screens (FOR-3258)

Cascades North River 1 Ply Beverage Napkin, 4,000 Napkins (FOR-3739)

Cardinal Unijax 5" Cocktail Stirrers - Black, 10,000 Stirrers (FOR-3098)

Cardinal Unijax 5.5" All Purpose Stirrers - Red, 10,000 Stirrers (FOR-3092)

Cardinal Unijax, 8" Black Cocktail Sipper Stick - 5000 per case (FOR-3093)

Cardinal Unijax, Llc 7" Heavy Coffee Stirrers - 10,000 Stirrers (FOR-3130)

Converting Inc. Red Beverage Napkins - 2 Ply, Red, 600 Napkins (FOR-0224)

Royal Paper 3-1/2" Red Print Coasters, 4,000 Coasters (FOR-2101)

Yoshi-Ware, Inc. Party Bomber, 500 Cups (FOR-6560)

Bulk Buys Professional Style Corkscrew, 24/Pack (KOLE-HP056)

Dixie Jumbo Straws, 7 3/4", Plastic, Translucent, 500/Box (DXEJW74CT)

Eco-products 7" Wooden Stir Sticks, Birch Wood, Natural, 1000/Pk (ECONTSTC10CCT)

Dixie H700 Disposable Foodservice Towel, 13 x 24, 150/Carton (GPC29416)

Hospeco Counter Cloth/Bar Mop, White, 25 Pounds/Bag (HOS53425BP)

Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer II Plastic Pitcher, 60 oz, Clear (RCP3334CLE)

Rubbermaid Bus/Utility Pan, 20 x 15 x 5, Gray, 1 Each (RCP3349GRA)

Rubbermaid 9F50 Hand Guard Ice Scoop, Transparent Blue (RCP9F50)

Rubbermaid 9F75 Bouncer Contour Bar/Utility Scoop, 32-oz., Clear (RCP9F75CLE)

Wna Classicware 1-Piece Champagne Flutes, 5 oz., Plastic, 100 Flutes (WNACWSC5)

WNA Milan 12-oz. Plastic Tumblers, Clear, 240 Tumblers (WNARSMT121516)

Wna Milan Tumblers, 9 oz, Plastic, 16 Tumblers/Bag, 15 Bags (WNARSMT91516)

Wna Comet Plastic Wine Glasses, 6 oz, Clear, Two-Piece Construction (WNASW5)

Boardwalk Flexible Wrapped Straws, 7 3/4", White, 400/Pack (BWKFSTW775W25PK)

Boardwalk Unwrapped Jumbo Plastic Straws, 7-3/4", 250 Straws (BWKJSTU775B50PK)

Boardwalk Jumbo Straws, 7 3/4", Plastic, Translucent, 250/Pack (BWKJSTU775T50PK)

Boardwalk Jumbo Straws, 10 1/4", Plastic, 2000 Straws (BWKJSTW1025R4)

Boardwalk Jumbo Straws, White w/Red Stripe, 500 Straws (BWKJSTW1025R4PK)

Boardwalk Jumbo Straws, Red w/White Stripe, 400 Straws (BWKJSTW775S24PK)

Boardwalk Unwrapped Stir-Straws, 5 1/4", Red, 1000/Pack (BWKSTRU525R10PK)

Diversey Beer Clean Glass Cleaner, 4 lb. Container, 2 Conatiners (DVO990201)

Oster Simple Blend 200 Blender, 12-Speed, 6-Cup, 1 Each (OSR6684)

Beer Clean Glass Cleaner, Powder, .5oz Packet, 100 Packets (DVO990221)

Beer Clean Low Suds Glass Cleaner, .5 oz Packets, 100 Packets (DVO990224)

Avanti Portable/Countertop Ice Maker, Silver, 9.75" x14" x13", Each (AVAIM12CIS)

Alera 3.4 Cu. Ft. Beverage Cooler, Stainless Steel/Black (ALERFBC34)

Diversey Beer Clean Glass Sanitizer, 25-oz. Container, 2 Containers (DVO90203)

Diversey Beer Clean Glass Cleaner, Unscented, Powder, 2 Container (DVO990241)

Gen Cocktail Napkins, 1-Ply, 9w x 9d, White, 4000 Napkins (GENCOCKTAILNAP)

Brawny Foodservice Busing Towel, 13 x 17, 240 Towels (GPC29427)

Royal Paper Knotted Bamboo Pick, Olive Green, 4", 1000/Carton (RPPR803)

Royal Square Natural Wood Toothpicks, 2-3/4", 24 Boxes (RPPR820SQ)

WNA Classic Crystal 8-oz. Clear Pedestal Wine Glass, 240 Glasses (WNACCW8240)

Genuine Joe Jumbo Translucent Wrapped Straw (GJO58925CT)

San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, 8 oz, 24 Bottles (NLE80087)

Lorell Bistro Bar Chairs, 2/Carton (LLR59499)

Lorell Bistro Bar Chairs, 2/Carton (LLR59500)

Arnold Palmer Half & Half Iced Tea/Lemonade Powder Stix, 30 Packets (ARN72679)

Cascades Beverage Napkins, 1 Ply, White, 1000/Pk, 4000 Napkins (CSDN010)

Performance Plus Performance Plus Foaming Glass Cleaner Aerosol (P050)