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San Jamar Toilet Paper Dispensers

San Jamar is known for their innovation in providing new ways to keep restrooms sanitary, safe and efficient. Priding themselves on offering high quality products made from quality materials, they ensure a consistently reliable, hassle-free experience with each product use.

Our best selling San Jamar toilet tissue dispenser is the dual roll dispenser. San Jamar two roll toilet paper dispenser is the industry-leading twin roll jumbo bath tissue dispenser. This versatile tissue dispenser is compact, slim, and a perfect fit for any restroom. The dispenser cover is constructed of a durable plastic that is not only unbreakable but also chemical resistant. The San Jamar dispenser has a lock and key mechanism to deter theft while the black translucent cover provides an easy view for when replenishment is needed. This popular bath tissue dispenser holds two 9” jumbo rolls that prevents access to the spare toilet paper roll until the initial roll has been depleted. A top pick of ours is the San Jamar Oceans Toilet Paper Dispenser that features a contemporary flowing wave design. This sleek and attractive San Jamar toilet paper dispenser holds a jumbo single roll providing easy access to the toilet tissue while maximizing paper capacity in minimal space. Rather than a toilet paper dispenser key, this Oceans tissue dispenser has a replaceable finger lock that allows the lock itself to be replaced without having to purchase a new dispenser. With no flat surfaces for placing cigarettes, this dispenser is ideal for bars, restaurants, parks, or any commercial bathroom locations. No room for a JRT roll dispenser? The San Jamar Oceans Duett Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser is just for you. Also featuring the decorative wave design adding a touch of class to any restroom, this compact dispenser allows use in even the smallest of spaces. Its dual capacity of two standard toilet paper rolls eliminates the need for frequent maintenance.

No matter which San Jamar dispensers you choose for your restroom, whether it be the single, double, stub roll, 4 roll or even a carousel dispenser, they all are designed to provide consistent, efficient dispensing, thereby, minimizing waste and saving you money. also will save you money with our low, wholesale prices. No coupons needed, our affordable pricing is offered everyday. Whether you are in the market for toilet paper dispensers, paper products & dispensers, or just about any type of janitorial supplies, be certain to shop for the very best in price, selection and quality. Our customer service is also top-rate. Why shop the rest when you can have the best. - the wholesale janitorial supply company buyers trust.

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San Jamar Dual Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Covered Reserve (SJMR1500XC)

San Jamar R3500 Duett Dual Roll Standard Toilet Paper Dispenser (SAN R3500TBK)

San Jamar Oceans Reserva Stub Roll Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser (SJMR3090TBK)

San Jamar R2090 Jumbo Jr. Single Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (SAN R2090TBK)

San Jamar R4090 Oceans Twin Jumbo Roll Jr. Toilet Paper Dispenser (SAN R4090TBK)

San Jamar Standard 1 Roll Capacity Toilet Tissue Dispenser (SAN R200XC)

San Jamar Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser, Chrome (SAN R260XC)

San Jamar Oceans Duett Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (SAN R3590TBK)

San Jamar Super Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser with Stub Roll (SAN R6500TBK)

San Jamar R4000 Twin Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SAN R4000TBK)

San Jamar R3600 Versatwin Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Black (SAN R3600TBK)

San Jamar Single Jumbo Jr. Toilet Tissue Dispenser (SAN R2000TBK)

San Jamar R2090 Oceans Single JRT Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SJMR2090TBK)

San Jamar R3600 Versatwin Dual Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black Pearl (SJMR3600TBK)

San Jamar R200XC Locking Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Chrome (SJMR200XC)

San Jamar Oceans Twin JBT Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SJMR4090TBK)

San Jamar Duett Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Black Pearl, Each (SJMR3590TBK)

San Jamar Locking Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Chrome (SJMR260XC)

San Jamar Key For Plastic Toilet Tissue Dispensers, White, 1 Each (SJMN16)

San Jamar Single Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Trans Black (SJMR2000TBK)

San Jamar R3500 Duett Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SJMR3500TBK)

San Jamar R4000 Twin Roll Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SJMR4000TBK)

San Jamar Dispenser Key f/R2000, R4000, R4500 R6500,R3000, R3600,T1790 (SAN N16)

San Jamar Toilet Paper Dispenser w/Stub Roll, Black Pearl (SJMR6500TBK)

San Jamar Twin Jumbo Bath Tissue Dispenser, Black/Stainless Steel (SJMR4070SS)