Rubbermaid 8430-88 35 Gallon Ranger Container


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Rubbermaid 8430-88 35 Gallon Ranger Container

Rubbermaid Commercial brand of products are ideal for homeowners as well as professional and industrial locations. Headquartered in Virginia and manufacturing in the USA, the Rubbermaid Company is a pioneer of innovative and solution-based products since 1968. Today, Rubbermaid Commercial Products continually work on expanding their product categories to market and offer customers a more substantial premium product solution.

Whether you are in the market for waste handling, material transport or sanitary maintenance, you can be sure that Rubbermaid has the exact product solution you need and are searching for. Our Rubbermaid 35-Gallon Ranger Garbage Can is durably constructed yet has a contemporary design for a more professional look. Although the garbage can is easy to clean, the modern dark brown color effortlessly hides dirt. Easily able to withstand extreme weather, these cans are ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor locations. Features include a permanently attached hinged lid and the two door top styles are FM and CSFM Approved. Metal bag retention straps secure can liners so no more tying or drooping trash bags.

Whichever type of waste container may be right for you, be sure to trust to deliver. We cut out the costly middleman and pass those savings directly along to you, our customers. Our warehouse is kept fully-stocked so you will receive your order in a timely manner. Trust for Rubbermaid waste containers and all of your janitorial supplies and start saving big without even trying. Shop with and start saving today!

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Rubbermaid Ranger 35 Gallon Garbage Can, Brown (RCP843088BRO)