Rubbermaid 256B 56 GL Glutton Container


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Rubbermaid 256B 56 GL Glutton Container

For decades, the Rubbermaid name is synonymous with innovation, durability and provides customers with solution-based products all at an affordable price tag. Why not trust Rubbermaid for all of your waste management needs?

Our Rubbermaid Glutton Containers are the perfect solution to large waste control issues. Ideal for high traffic areas and anywhere that tends to draw large crowds, these high-capacity 56-gallon waste containers are not only durable but able to easily handle anything thrown at them. Strong enough to effortlessly handle both indoor and outdoor harsh weather conditions, these heavy-duty trash cans are weather-resistant and will not crack, dent or rust under extreme temperatures. The hold-down base can even be filled with sand or water for increased stability, if needed or desired. Pick from our full line of Rubbermaid trash cans that are as dependable as they are affordable. These easy-to-clean Glutton trash containers with optional hooded lids are able to withstand excessive temperatures under all types of weather conditions. Choose the waste container that best meets your needs and budget.

Shop for the very best in selection, quality, and of course, price. Buy for your business locations as well as for your residential area. Rubbermaid Glutton cans will not let you down. With our everyday low, wholesale prices and top quality merchandise, you cannot afford not to invest in these containers. Shop for all of your waste management needs for both indoors and out and start saving big with today!

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Rubbermaid Glutton 56 Gallon Trash Can, Brown (RCP256BBRO)