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Rubbermaid Sand Bags

Smoking receptacles used to be provided as a public courtesy to smokers, but are now a necessity for safe and proper cigarette disposal and management with the recently implemented indoor smoking ban. To ensure you have the appropriate means of disposal for your smoking receptacle, invest in Rubbermaid Sand Bags. Sand bags are the ideal way to safely and permanently extinguish a lit cigarette or cigar to prevent further burning. The weight of the sand also acts as a foundation support to stabilize the smoking urn. Conveniently sold in 5 pound bags, silica sand can be used in all types of sand urn smoking management receptacles and are offered in either black or white in color.

Although these silica sand bags are marketed for outdoor ashtrays and smoking receptacles, they can also be used at the bottom of your outdoor fire pit and at the base of your indoor fireplace or even for the foot of a clear glass vase that is safety-rated to hold candles. Fire safety is of the utmost importance. Trust Rubbermaid to deliver on reliability and durability. Our silica sand has been consistently depended upon by many happy customers throughout the years to safely snuff out cigarettes and keep smoldering to a minimum.

Whatever it is that you choose to use your Rubbermaid silica sand for, you can be certain that has the lowest price around. We comparison shop our products so you don’t have to. Guaranteeing our customers with not only a wide selection of top quality products, but offering them at low, discounted prices, every single day. Browse our online superstore not only for smoking management products, but also for any other janitorial products and supplies at wholesale prices. Shop with us for Rubbermaid sand bags and so much more to start saving big today!

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Rubbermaid B25 Black Silica Sand, For Smoking Urns, 5Lb Bags, 5 Bags (RCP B25)

Rubbermaid S25 Smoking Urn White Silica Sand, 5 Bags (RCP S25)

Rubbermaid BS25 Black Sand for Smoking Urns, 5 Bags (RCPBS25)

Rubbermaid S25 White Silica Sand for Smoking Urns, 5 Bags (RCPS25)