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Rubbermaid Landmark Series

If you think trash containers can’t be stylish, then you never encountered Rubbermaid Landmark Series Containers. These attractive yet highly functional trash containers can be used both indoors and out. Seamlessly blending into its surroundings, the all-weather Landmark Series cans can be used at any facility whether it is a commercial, industrial or public environment with traffic that is heavy, light or anything in between. These cans are high-volume waste containers that range from 35-gallons to a whopping 50-gallons of waste containment. Each includes a plastic frame with a rigid liner that holds the bag in place until replacement. The hinged hood includes a stay-open strap for simple, effortless rigid liner retrieval. The dome top lid acts as a rain-hood cover so trash will be shielded from rain and snow preventing heavy water from filling up the trash bag. The dome top on the receptacle also protects light debris in the can from blowing around in heavy winds contributing to littering. It also conveniently has openings on all four sides to encourage usage.

Complete the set of trash can liner frame and dome lid with the aggregate panel kits. The four (4) aggregate panels are sold separately and are specifically manufactured to be used with the Rubbermaid Landmark Series waste containers. Choose from attractive river rock panels for your 35- or 50-gallon Landmark receptacle and order for a complete assembly. These aggregate panels are not only tasteful, but also strong and sturdy. They are specifically crafted from natural rock for consistent and long-term durability for the Landmark Series trash containers.

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Rubbermaid 4003 Aggregate Panel 4 Pack for Landmark Containers (RCP4003RIV)

Rubbermaid 4004 Aggregate Panels for Landmark Container, 4 Panels (RCP4004RIV)

Rubbermaid 3975 Landmark Container Dome Top Frame w/ Liner (RCP3975SAB)

Rubbermaid 3970 Landmark Series 35 Gallon Dome Top Container, Sable (RCP3970SAB)

Rubbermaid Landmark Series Replacement Collar Assembly, Sable (SGSFG3975L3SBLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Landmark Series Replacement Part, Hinge Assembly (SGSFG3975L90000)

Rubbermaid Landmark Series Replacement Ashtray/Sand Pan, Sable (SGSFG3976L1SBLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Landmark Series Replacement Part, Hood Top w/Hole, 26 x 26 x 10 1/4, Sable (SGSFG3975M2SBLE)