Rubbermaid Infinity Smoking Management Solutions


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Rubbermaid Infinity Smoking Management Solutions

When shopping around to search for smoking management products for attractive yet effective cigarette receptacles, you will find that the best quality, selection, and prices are right here. The Rubbermaid brand of top quality products are known for their durability, consistent reliability, and affordability. The Rubbermaid Infinity Smoking Management Solutions are the perfect blend of beauty and efficiency for controlling smoking litter.

Our base-mount cigarette receptacle is a high-capacity disposal that is full-metal construction and can handle extreme outdoor elements with relative ease. This UV- and weather-resistant disposal features a large stainless steel snuff plate that allows for 360-degree access along with a sanitary, easy-to-empty and clean design. This attractive black-colored smoking receptacle can hold up to 1,500 cigarette butts. It has a dome top to stop water from collecting. The weighted base with bolt-down option has integrated padlock tabs for additional security if desired. Its slim profile fits in any space.

If you need a smoking receptacle that has a higher capacity, check out our heavy-duty yet elegant antique pewter outdoor cigarette receptacle that has a large 4.1 gallon capacity and holds a whopping 5,000 cigarettes. Its all-metal construction quickly and safely extinguishes cigarettes. The unobstructed funnels reduce jamming during cigarette disposal. It has an easy-to-empty design for sanitary cleaning and emptying. Its dome top prevents water from accumulating in the receptacle.

For your property’s high-volume smoking management demand, our unique eye-catching ultra-high capacity will easily handle, safely extinguish, and effortlessly hold onto smoking debris until it is emptied. Its ability to hold 6.7 gallons of smoking waste means that it needs to be emptied less frequently. Increased use of the receptacle means less smoking litter on your building’s property. Weather resistant dome top stops water from collecting inside. The stainless steel snuff plate extinguishes cigarette butts and prevents smoldering for fire safety.

Choose the Rubbermaid Infinity Smoking Receptacle that is right for you. Shop with us today and save!

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