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Rubbermaid Indoor Station Containers And Tops

Since recycling has steadily gained popularity over the years, there now are many different types, sizes and colors of containers and lids to make recycling incredibly easy and convenient. Shop for dependable and affordable Rubbermaid Indoor Station Containers and Tops for all of your recycling needs.

Choose from our popular, best-selling Rubbermaid series of containers such as Slim Jim, Untouchable, and more. Promote recycling and improve recycling productivity with our line of Rubbermaid recycling products. Our Slim Jim series of containers feature venting channels and four patent-pending cinches that make removing the can liners a quick and simple task. The molded-in handle design on the cans make gripping and lifting easy. Since the Slim Jims containers have a narrow silhouette, they are able to fit just about anywhere. Perfect for areas where limited space is an issue. Adding a lid takes the guesswork out of the type of recyclables accepted and encourages recycling on a whole. Choose from green or blue durable plastic containers and lids for effortless recycling type designation.

Rubbermaid’s Untouchable recycling containers and lids offer a sleek design and convenient size that is ideal for indoor office environments as well as outdoor use. Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, Untouchable containers and lids are not only durable, but are also crack resistant. These recycling containers feature a can liner cinch so the need to tie knots in order to hold the trash bag in place is eliminated. Easy to use, simple to empty, and able to hold a large capacity of recyclables, Untouchable containers and lids are an essential part of any professional environment that promotes recycling.

Browse our full line of Rubbermaid Indoor Station Containers and Tops for recycling indoors and out. Shop and start saving today!

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Rubbermaid 3540-07 Slim Jim with Venting Channels - Recycling


Rubbermaid Untouchable Bottle & Can Recycling Lid, Blue (RCP269100BE)

Rubbermaid Untouchable 23 Gallon Square Recycling Container, Blue (RCP356973BE)

Rubbermaid Untouchable Single Stream Recycling Top, Blue (RCP1788374)

Rubbermaid 354007 Slim Jim 23 Gallon Recycling Can w/Vents, Green (RCP354007GN)

Rubbermaid 1788372 Slim Jim Single Stream Recycling Top, Blue (RCP1788372)

Rubbermaid Untouchable Square Paper Recycling Top, Blue (RCP269000BE)

Rubbermaid 21 Gallon Trash Can, Half-Round, Beige (RCP352000BG)

Rubbermaid 2791 Untouchable Bottle & Can Recycling Top, Blue (RCP2791BLU)

Rubbermaid 395873 Square 35 Gallon Recycling Can, Blue (RCP395873BLU)

Rubbermaid 1788373 Slim Jim Single Stream Recycling Lid, Green (RCP1788373EA)

Rubbermaid 395973 Square 50 Gallon Recycling Can, Blue (RCP395973BLU)