Rubbermaid Classic Smoking Urns And Accessories


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Rubbermaid Classic Smoking Urns And Accessories

Smoking debris can be a serious problem for busy commercial and industrial locations. You will want to make sure smokers have a safe and attractive place to discard their cigarette ashes and butts. Here at, we carry a variety of high-quality smoking urns that are dependable as well as affordable.

Ideal for lobbies, hallways and entrances to buildings, our smoking urns will safely extinguish smoking debris in style. This nice-looking floor model smoking urn with metal ashtray also features a side opening for trash. The can is lined with metal so you know it will hold up well to traffic and is fire safe for piece of mind. If you happen to be looking for a smoking urn strictly to be used for extinguishing cigarette butts, we carry a stand-alone urn without the trash can. Choose the style that best fits your requirements and preferences.

Whichever smoking urn is right for you, you can be certain that has exactly the products you are looking for at prices that are surprisingly affordable. Our quality is second to none. Shop with us for the very best in quality, selection and everyday low, wholesale prices on everything. Browse our online superstore for not only smoking urns but also any type of smoking management accessories along with a vast assortment of janitorial supplies. Don’t take our word for it. Visit our website, scroll through our huge line of products, and see for yourself how is different from all the rest out there. Experience the difference and start saving on smoking urns, ash trash cans, and other trash cans, plus so much more today!

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Rubbermaid 2585 Smoking Urn w/Ashtray Top, Black/Chrome (RCP258500BLA)

Rubbermaid 2586 Smoking Urn with Ashtray & Metal Liner, Black (RCP258600BLA)