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Rubbermaid Outdoor Decorative

If you want the outer area of your business to reflect what customers and clients will find inside, then you will want Rubbermaid Outdoor Decorative products. Here at, we carry items that will beautify the outdoor area of your property because, let’s face it, first impressions matter, especially in business.

If you have a 55 gallon Rubbermaid black trash can drum, we have a drum top lid to fit it perfectly. This high-quality, rust-resistant, galvanized steel lid will fit tightly and keep trash where it belongs and hidden from plain sight. The door is self-closing with rubber pads for quiet operation with each use. If you are in need of waste receptacles, we have a vast selection of those in stock and ready to ship at everyday low, discounted prices. Choose from our popular Ranger or Plaza style trash can. For a more sophisticated look, we have perforated open top steel waste receptacles. If you are interested in both style and functionality, check out our dome top frame with liner trash cans ideal for use indoors as well as out. We also carry the natural stone aggregate panels to help your trash container beautifully blend in with its surroundings.

Whichever outdoor decorative product you happen to be in the market for, trust for all of your home, school and business needs. Whether you are looking for the ideal trash can, a waste receptacle lid, or something else altogether, our online superstore will help you find exactly what you want without breaking the bank or leaving your computer. Our warehouse is kept fully-stocked so you will receive your order in a timely manner. Buy today, use tomorrow! Browse out site and see what we can help you save on today!

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Rubbermaid Classic Containers

Rubbermaid Landmark Series

Rubbermaid 256B 56 GL Glutton Container

Rubbermaid 3964 Plaza Container - 50 Gallon

Rubbermaid 8430-88 35 Gallon Ranger Container

Rubbermaid 9171-88 Ranger 2-Door 45 Gallon Container

Rubbermaid 9173-88 Ranger 4-Opening 45 Gallon Container

Rubbermaid 9175 - 65 Gallon Ranger w/2 Doors


Rubbermaid 4003 Aggregate Panel 4 Pack for Landmark Containers (RCP4003RIV)

Rubbermaid 4004 Aggregate Panels for Landmark Container, 4 Panels (RCP4004RIV)

Rubbermaid 3975 Landmark Container Dome Top Frame w/ Liner (RCP3975SAB)

Rubbermaid 3964 Plaza 50 Gallon Garbage Container, Dark Green (RCP3964DGR)

Rubbermaid Ranger 45 Gallon Trash Container, Beige (RCP 9173-88 BEI)

Rubbermaid 1855 55 Gallon Dome Top Steel Drum Lid, Black (RCP1855BLA)

Rubbermaid Perforated Open Top Receptacle, Steel, 25 galllon, Black (RCPS3ETBK)

Rubbermaid Classics 51 Gallon Perforated Steel Receptacle, Black (RCPS55ETBK)

Rubbermaid 256V Glutton Hooded Top without Doors, Brown (RCP256VBRO)

Rubbermaid 3970 Landmark Series 35 Gallon Dome Top Container, Sable (RCP3970SAB)

Rubbermaid 917388 Ranger 45 Gallon Waste Container, Beige (RCP917388BEI)

Rubbermaid Landmark Series Replacement Collar Assembly, Sable (SGSFG3975L3SBLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Landmark Series Replacement Part, Hinge Assembly (SGSFG3975L90000)

Rubbermaid Landmark Series Replacement Ashtray/Sand Pan, Sable (SGSFG3976L1SBLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Landmark Series Replacement Part, Hood Top w/Hole, 26 x 26 x 10 1/4, Sable (SGSFG3975M2SBLE)