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Rubbermaid Indoor Decorative

Who said trash cans have to be unsightly? Rubbermaid Indoor Decorative line of products allow the user to dispose of waste and still have the area take on a stunning appearance. Recycling and trash disposal does not have to be ugly with Rubbermaid’s indoor decorative line of waste receptacles. Choose from a vast selection of top quality trash containers for business and personal use, in our out of the office space.

Whether you happen to be in the market for an open top, swing lid, or a space-saving slim can, we carry them all in stock and ready to ship. For an upscale contemporary look, check out our silver-metallic powder coated finish over heavy gauge steel trash receptacle that is not only user friendly with its easy emptying, open design lid, and fire-safe features, but also looks great in a room. If you are interested in keeping your trash out of sight, take a look at our swing top receptacles that have a wide mouth opening for easy disposal and automatically swing close with each use so your trash is never in plain view. Choose from a variety of colors and gallon capacities to match your needs and wants.

Whichever indoor decorative waste receptacle is right for you, you can be certain that here at we have you covered all the way around. We offer our customers a vast selection of top quality products at low, wholesale prices every single day. Trust us to deliver on all of your trash can needs for indoors as well as out for your office, commercial, industrial or personal space and save while doing it. Shop with us for all of your Rubbermaid waste and other janitorial supply products and start saving big today!

Child Categories

Rubbermaid Designer Line Silhouettes

Rubbermaid Metallic Half Round

Rubbermaid 8160-88 Marshal Classic 15 Gallon Container

Rubbermaid 8170-88 Marshal Classic 25 Gallon Container


Rubbermaid 3964 Plaza 50 Gallon Garbage Container, Dark Green (RCP3964DGR)

Rubbermaid Eclipse Open Top 30 Gallon Waste Can, Stainless Steel (RCP R2030SSPL)

Rubbermaid SR18EPL Silhouette 22-1/2 Gallon Trash Receptacle (RCPSR18EPLSM)

Rubbermaid 25051 Designer 6-1/2 Gallon Rectangular Wastebasket, Black (RCP25051)

Rubbermaid SC18EPL Silhouette 29 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Silver (RCPSC18EPLSM)

Rubbermaid 2-Piece 35 Gallon Indoor Receptacle, Satin Aluminum (RCPAOT35SANL)

Rubbermaid T1424ERB Wastemaster 24 Gallon Waste Can, White (RCPT1424ERBWH)

Rubbermaid 817088 Marshal 25 Gallon Dometop Trash Can, Beige (RCP817088BG)

Rubbermaid Silhouettes 16 Gallon Waste Container (RCPSC14EPLSM)

Metallic Side-Opening Receptacle, 12 gallon, Satin Stainless (RCPSO16SSSGL)

Rubbermaid SO8SSSPL Fire Safe 9 Gallon Half-Round Trash Receptacle (RCPSO8SSSPL)

Rubbermaid DRR24T Silhouette 26 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Silver (RCPDRR24TSM)

Rubbermaid R2030 Eclipse Open Top 30 Gallon Waste Can, Steel (RCPR2030SSPL)

Rubbermaid SR14EPLSM 13 Gallon Rectangular Trash Can, Steel (RCPSR14EPLSM)

Rubbermaid WMB20 Steel Mesh 5 Gallon Waste Can, Black, 6 Cans (RCPWMB20BKCT)

Rubbermaid Wastemaster 40 Gallon Swing Top Waste Can, Steel (RCPT1940SSRB)