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Rubbermaid Dust Mops

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Rubbermaid Flexible Head Overhead Dusting Tools

Rubbermaid Microfiber Looped End Dust Mops

Rubbermaid Overhead Dusting Tools

Rubbermaid Trapper Dust Mops


Rubbermaid Q590 Hygen 48" Quick-Connect Hall Dusting Frame (RCPQ590YEL)

Rubbermaid T410 Flexible Head Overhead Dusting Tool, 60 inch (RCPT410)

Rubbermaid J853-00 24" Microfiber Loop Dust Mop, Green (RCPJ853)

Rubbermaid J855-00 36" Microfiber Looped Dust Mop Head, 1 Mop Head (RCPJ855)

Rubbermaid J153 Trapper Dust Mop - 24inch, 5 x 24, 1 Each (RCP J153)

Rubbermaid Trapper Dust Mop, Looped-end Launderable, 5" x 24" (RCPJ15300YEL)

Rubbermaid Trapper Dust Mop, Looped-end Launderable, 5" x 48" (RCPJ15700YEL)

Rubbermaid Q418 Hygen 18" Microfiber Dust Pad w/Fringe, Green (RCPQ418GN)

Rubbermaid Trapper Dust Mop, Looped-end Launderable, 5" x 18" (RCPJ15200YEL)

Rubbermaid Trapper  Dust Mop, Looped-end, 5" x 36", Yellow (RCPJ15500YEL)

Rubbermaid Trapper Dust Mop, Looped-end, Yellow, 12 Mops Heads (RCPJ15112CT)

Rubbermaid Commercial Snap-On Dust Mop Handle, 60-in, Natural (RCPM116)

Rubbermaid Q426 Hygen Microfiber Fringed 24" Dust Mop, Green (RCPQ42600GR00)

Rubbermaid Q438 Hygen 36" Microfiber Dry Dust Mop Pad, Fringe, Green (RCPQ438)

Rubbermaid Q755 Hygen 4'-6' Quick-Connect Extension Pole, Yellow (RCPQ755)

Rubbermaid Commercial HiDuster Overhead Duster, 61-102" Handle (RCPT130)

Rubbermaid T11000 Overhead Duster, 51" Extension Handle, Gray (RCPT11000GY)

Rubbermaid Plus Antimicrobial Angled Overhead Duster, Extends to 51 (RCPT120)

Rubbermaid Replacement Head for Hauser Antimicrobial Overhead Duster (RCPT199)

Rubbermaid M146 Snap-On Fiberglass Dust Mop Handle, 60", Gray/Black (RCPM146)

Rubbermaid M150 Cut To Length Cotton Dust Mops, White, Cut-End (RCPM150)

Rubbermaid Q460 Hygen Microfiber Dust Mop Head, Green (RCPQ460GRE)

Rubbermaid 2018804 Maximizer Quick Change Microfiber Frame (RCP2018804)

Rubbermaid 2018805 Maximizer Quick Change Cleaning Kit, 37" Length (RCP2018805)

Rubbermaid 2018808 Dust Mop Frame w/Handle and Scraper, 24" x 5.5" (RCP2018808)

Rubbermaid 2018809 Dust Mop Frame w/Handle and Scraper, 36" x 5.5" (RCP2018809)

Rubbermaid 2018810 Maximizer Dust Mop Pad, 24 x 5.5 x 0.5 (RCP2018810)

Rubbermaid 2018821 Maximizer Dust Mop Pad, 36 x 5.5 x 0.5 (RCP2018821)