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Safety is important for everyone walking onto your property. Make sure wet, slippery floors announce themselves with the help of cautionary Rubbermaid safety warning signs, safety cones, barriers and more. Easy to use, store, see and read, these bright yellow floor safety signs warn everyone in the vicinity that slick floor conditions are present and to take the necessary precautions. Inclement weather and spilled liquids can cause hazardous conditions. Be sure to forewarn others of the potential dangers of falling with our Rubbermaid floor safety signs.

Choose from a wide range of safety warning signs that we have in stock. Rubbermaid "Caution" Pop-Up Safety Cones are bright yellow, four sided cones that feature three-sided multilingual "caution" imprint and wet floor symbol. The top of the cone offers label space for location assignment and compactly folds to store in tube. It opens automatically to be ready for immediate use. If you prefer a plastic stackable sign instead, our Rubbermaid Wet Floor Safety Cone has 4 sides that have "Caution Wet Floor" imprinted in two languages. The stackable sign has a versatile top to accommodate a barricade belt, flashing light, lock-in sign holder or an audio warning device. If space is at a premium, a folding two-sided sign is perfect for more narrow spaces and doorways. It folds flat for storage or to transport it on cleaning and janitorial carts.

Our Rubbermaid Spill Pads help prevent accidents immediately after a liquid spill. These mildew-resistant, absorbent, perforated yellow pads are slip-resistant and will quickly cover wet area while alerting pedestrians. To restrict access and easily isolate safety hazard areas bright yellow Rubbermaid Barriers are mobile, easy to set up, take down and store. The flexible, indoor barrier unit can be set up straight, curved or even circular to completely close off an area of maintenance or safety hazard. Whichever safety product you choose, you can be certain that Rubbermaid has the highest quality products and offers them all at low, affordable prices, everyday.

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Rubbermaid 9S11 Extendable Mobile Safety Barrier, Yellow (RCP 9S11 YEL)

Rubbermaid 9S1600 Multilingual Closed for Cleaning Sign, Yellow (RCP9S1600YL)

Rubbermaid 6112 Multilingual "Caution" Floor Safety Sign, Yellow (RCP611200YW)

Rubbermaid 9S01 Multilingual 3-Sided Wet Floor Safety Cone, Yellow (RCP9S0100YL)

Rubbermaid Commercial Over-The-Spill Pad Tablet w/25 Medium Spill Pads (RCP4254)

Rubbermaid 611277 "Caution Wet Floor" 2-Sided Floor Sign, Yellow (RCP611277YW)

Rubbermaid 4-Sided Wet Floor Safety Cone, Yellow, 1 Each (RCP627777)

Rubbermaid Four-Sided Wet Floor Yellow Safety Cone, 12 x 12 x 36 (RCP627677)

Rubbermaid 9S00 Multilingual "Caution" Pop-Up Safety Cone, Yellow (RCP9S00YEL)

Rubbermaid Executive Multi-Lingual Caution Sign, Black/White (RCP 1867505)

Rubbermaid 611278 Multilingual "Closed" Floor Sign, Yellow (RCP611278YEL)

Rubbermaid 6114-77 "Caution Wet Floor" 4-Sided Floor Sign, Yellow (RCP611477YEL)