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Rubbermaid products have always been a popular choice among businesses and homeowners. Known for their durability and reliability, Rubbermaid products have been trusted and preferred by consumers for close to a century.

For all of your recycling needs, we carry an assortment of recycling containers. Ideal for high traffic areas, place one next to each trash can to encourage practical, simple and convenient recycling habits in your home or business office. Strong enough to withstand extreme weather, these recycling containers can be used both indoors and out.

If you are shopping for platform trucks, tilt trucks, trolleys or service carts, you have come to the right place. Our Rubbermaid trucks and carts are lightweight, yet will tackle all of your heavy duty jobs with relative ease. From Brute trash cans and lids to a tandem dolly to transport two trash cans simultaneously, we carry all of the products and supplies you need to keep your tasks moving along smoothly.

Organize your workshop, garage, closet or basement with Rubbermaid Closet Organizer and Tool Holders. Work more effectively and efficiently when you can easily find what you need at a glance without wasting time with endless searching. An organized area is a more functioning area. Increase productivity with easy access and simple storage with our Rubbermaid organizers. Shop our site to find your perfect fit.

Whether you are in the market for a lockable ladder cart or a smokers station, has all of the popular Rubbermaid home products for you at incredibly low prices. Browse our site and see what you can find for your home and business. Trust CleanItSupply for the very best in selection, price and quality without having to sacrifice. offers you the highest quality Rubbermaid products at everyday affordable prices. Shop with us today and save on our Rubbermaid biggest sellers.

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Rubbermaid Brute 55 Gallon Round Vented Trash Can, Gray, Each (RCP 2655 GRA)

Rubbermaid 4614 Cube Truck, 14 Cubic Feet, Black (RCP4614BLA)

Rubbermaid 4608 Cube Truck, 8 cu.ft., 300-lb. Capacity, Black (RCP4608BLA)

Rubbermaid Cube Truck, 600 lb Capacity, Black, Each (RCP4619BLA)

Rubbermaid 1315 Standard Duty Tilt Truck, Black, Each (RCP1315BLA)

Rubbermaid 4520-10 HD 2-Shelf Utility with Pneumatic Casters (RCP452010BLA)

Rubbermaid Aladdin 4-1/2 Gallon Smokers' Station, Charcoal (RCPR1639EHGR)

Rubbermaid 263788 Brute 32 Gallon Dome Top Lid, Gray (RCP263788GY)

Rubbermaid Brute 55 Gallon Vented Round Trash Can, Gray, Each (RCP265500GY)

Rubbermaid 12 Cubic Feet Cube Truck, 400 lb. Capacity, Black (RCP461200BLA)

Rubbermaid 9T6700 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Black, Each (RCP9T6700BLA)

Rubbermaid 773488 Five-Drawer Mobile Work Center, Black/Red (RCP773488)

Rubbermaid Commercial Closet Organizer/Tool Holder, 34" Width (RCP199300GY)

Rubbermaid 4300 Two Shelf Convertible Utility Cart, Black (RCP430000BK)

Rubbermaid Commercial Rotomolded Tilt Truck, Rectangular, Plastic, 600-lb cap, Black (RCP9T1800BLA)

Rubbermaid 9T6600 Service/Utility Cart with 2 Shelves, Black (RCP9T6600BLA)

Rubbermaid Untouchable Plastic Half-Round Lid, Black (RCP362000BK)

Rubbermaid 440000 Triple Trolley Utility-Duty Cart, 250 lb Capacity (RCP440000)

Rubbermaid 4096 Xtra Open Sided Utility Cart, 4-Shelf, Black (RCP409600BLA)

Rubbermaid 9W34 Infinity High Capacity Smoking Receptacle, Black (RCP9W34BLA)

Rubbermaid Cube Truck, 500-lb. Max Capacity, Black (RCPFG461600BLA)

Rubbermaid 1304 Tilt Truck, 1/2 Cubic Yard, 450-lb. Capacity, Black (RCP1304BLA)

Rubbermaid Brute Tandem Trash Can Dolly, Black, Each (RCP264600BK)

Rubbermaid 618088 Trades Cart With Locking Cabinet, Black (RCP618088BLA)

Rubbermaid 1011 Structural Foam 3/4 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck, Black (RCP1011BLA)

Rubbermaid 1013 Structural Foam Tilt Truck, 1000-lb. Capacity, Blk (RCP1013BLA)

Rubbermaid 1305 Tilt Truck, 1/2 Cubic Yard, 850-lb. Capacity, Black (RCP1305BLA)

Rubbermaid 1314 Rotomolded 1 Cubic Yard Tilt Truck, Black (RCP1314BLA)

Rubbermaid 3970 Landmark Series 35 Gallon Dome Top Container, Sable (RCP3970SAB)

Rubbermaid 4546 Heavy-Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Large, Black (RCP4546BLA)

Rubbermaid 4403 HD Platform Truck Cart, 500-lb. Capacity, Black (RCP4403BLA)

Rubbermaid Commercial WaveBrake 2.0 Bucket/Wringer Combos, Each (RCPFG758888GRN)