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Rubbermaid Foodservice

When it comes to the foodservice business, Rubbermaid has been trusted in the industry for many years and for very good reason. Rubbermaid products are well-made, durable, reliable, and an exceptional value for the quality, time and time again.

From beverage table service to food storage, Rubbermaid products will not let you down. Choose from dishwasher-safe pitchers with drip-proof spouts that are made to resist chipping and breaking to non-carbonated beverage dispensers that are perfect for lemonade and iced tea. The beverage dispensers come complete with everything you need, such as the tank, base, drain tray, lid and even labels. The tanks are interchangeable and made of durable polycarbonate that resists breakage. For long term and short term food storage options, browse our line of Rubbermaid food storage containers, totes, and boxes. Stain-resistant, freezer and dishwasher safe, our food storage containers are the perfect addition to any kitchen area. Date-control panels easily help ensure food is safe and fresh at a glance. Purchase with tight-fitting lids and stack for space-saving on shelves.

Every kitchen needs a food scraper. Both home cooks as well as professional chefs require food scrapers to withstand the high-heat settings when mastering their magnificent recipes. The award-winning Rubbermaid High-Heat Scrapers resist heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without melting or scratching your valuable cookware. The handle will still safely be cool to the touch. Dishwasher safe and stain resistant, these all-purpose flat scrapers are incredibly popular and are a must-have for all kitchens.

So whether you are shopping for measuring cups, condiment dispensers, or insulated products for food and drinks, you can be sure we carry the right commercial food service supplies you need at everyday, low prices. Shop for ice totes, ice scoops and other top quality Rubbermaid foodservice items at wholesale prices and start saving today!

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Rubbermaid 128P-23 Cover For 1/2 Size Cold Food Pan, Each (RCP128P23CLE)

Rubbermaid 121P-23 1/3 Size Cold Food Pan Cover w/ Peg Hole (RCP121P23CLE)

Rubbermaid 7815-88 Optional Tray for Sturdy Chair Youth Seat (RCP781588PLA)

Rubbermaid 9F43 Safe Ice Scoop Holder, Stainless Steel, 1 Each (RCP9F43)

Rubbermaid 3603-88 ProSave Mobile Ingredient Bin, White (RCP360388WHI)

Rubbermaid Bouncer Plastic Pitcher, 60-oz., Clear (RCP333800CR)

Rubbermaid Cook's Scraper, 13-1/2", White, 1 Each (RCP1905WHI)

Rubbermaid High Heat Cook's Scraper, 13-1/2", Red/White (RCP1963RED)

Rubbermaid Commercial High-Heat Cook's Scraper, 16 1/2", Red/White (RCP1964RED)

Rubbermaid Commercial 2882 Bouncer Bar/Utility Scoop, 6-oz, Clear (RCP288200CLR)

Rubbermaid 16-oz. Bouncer Measuring Cup, Polycarbonate, Clear (RCP3215CLE)

Rubbermaid Bouncer Measuring Cup, 32-oz., Clear, 1 Each (RCP3216CLE)

Rubbermaid 3217 Bouncer Measuring Cup, 2 Quart, Clear (RCP3217CLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Measuring Cup, 4qt, Clear (RCP3218CLE)

Rubbermaid 3300 Clear Food Storage Box, 12.5 Gallons (RCP3300CLE)

Rubbermaid 3301 Clear Food/Tote Box, 21.5 Gallons (RCP3301CLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Food/Tote Box Lids, 26w x 18d, Clear (RCP3302CLE)

Rubbermaid 3306 Clear Food & Tote Box, 5 Gallon, 1 Each (RCP3306CLE)

Rubbermaid 3308 Clear Food/Tote Box, 8.5 Gallons (RCP3308CLE)

Rubbermaid 3309 Clear Food/Tote Box, 12" x 28", 3.5 Gallons (RCP3309CLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Food/Tote Box Lids, 18w x 12d, Clear (RCP3310CLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Plastic Pitcher, 32oz, Clear (RCP333600CLR)

Rubbermaid Commercial Bus/Utility Box, 7.125 gal, Gray (RCP3351GRA)

Rubbermaid Commercial Cutlery Bin, Four Compartments, Gray (RCP3362GRA)

Rubbermaid Commercial Food/Tote Boxes, 8.5gal, 26w x 18d x 6h (RCP3508WHI)

Rubbermaid 360088 ProSave Mobile Ingredient Bin, White (RCP360088WHI)

Rubbermaid 360288 ProSave Mobile Ingredient Bin, White (RCP360288WHI)

Rubbermaid SpaceSaver Square Container, 2qt, Clear (RCP6302CLE)

Rubbermaid SpaceSaver 4 Quart Container, Square, Clear (RCP6304CLE)

Rubbermaid SpaceSaver Square Container Lid, White (RCP6509WHI)

Rubbermaid 9G57 ProSave Shelf Ingredient Bin, White (RCP9G57WHI)

Rubbermaid 105P 1.5 Qt. Cold Food Pans, Clear, Each (RCP105PCLE)

Rubbermaid Insulated 5 Gallon Beverage Cooler, Orange, Each (RCP1840999)

Rubbermaid High Heat 9-1/2" Scraper, Red/White, 1 Each (RCP1962RED)

Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Measuring Cup, Clear, 8oz, Clear (RCP3210CLE)

Rubbermaid 3304 Clear Food/Tote Box, 5 Gallons, 1 Each (RCP3304CLE)

Rubbermaid Bus/Utility Pan, 20 x 15 x 5, Gray, 1 Each (RCP3349GRA)

Rubbermaid Food Storage Box, 21-1/2 Gallons, White (RCP3501WHI)

Rubbermaid 3502 White Food/Tote Box Lid, 26"L x 18"W, White (RCP3502WHI)

Rubbermaid Food/Tote Boxes, 2gal, 18w x 12d x 3 1/2h, White (RCP3507WHI)

Rubbermaid Commercial Food/Tote Boxes, 3.5gal 18w x 12d x 6h, White (RCP3509WHI)

Rubbermaid Commercial Ice Tote, 5.5gal, Blue, With Hook Assembly (RCP9F54TBL)

Rubbermaid Commercial Ice Tote Lid, Black, 4/Carton (RCP9F73BLA)

Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Plastic Pitcher, 32oz, Clear (RCP3336CLE)