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Dove Bar Soap

It is no secret that moisture is the key to beautiful skin. Why use just any bar soap when you can use Dove beauty bar? Dove is no ordinary bar soap. Dove soap is actually a mild cleansing beauty bar containing 1/4 moisturizing cream for superior skin hydration. With regular use, Dove bar soap is proven to help skin feel softer, smoother, firmer and more elastic. Award-winning and recommended by dermatologists as well as pediatricians, American-made Dove has been trusted for years for all skin types from infancy through to the golden years. This non-irritating formula contains ingredients that are perfect for those with sensitive skin and is milder than any traditional bar soaps. In fact, there are many testimonies and reviews that Dove even works wonders on skin that is prone to acne.

Exfoliating skin, hydrating it, and cleansing it, Dove bar soap for face and body has been loved and relied upon by users for over a half of a century. Dove leaves no soapy residue after cleansing and helps you feel confident and beautiful. Be at your very best everyday, boost your self-esteem, and actually improve skin's texture with Dove's iconic beauty bar. The Dove brand is a success not only because of their innovative products that deliver but also for optimizing women's beauty and redefining what beautiful means. Dove encourages women to be confident in allowing their inner beauty shine through.   
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Dove Travel Size Bar Soap w/Moisturizing Lotion, 36 - 2.6 oz Bars (DVOCB126811)

Dove Bar Soap w/Moisturizing Lotion, 48 - 3.15 oz. Bars (DVOCB614243)

Dove Moisturizing Bar Soap, Light Scent, 3.17 oz, 12/Carton (UNI04090CT)

Dove White Beauty Bar, Light Scent, 3.17 oz, 3/Pack (UNI04090PK)

Dove White Beauty Bar, Light Scent, 2.6 oz, 36/Carton (UNI61073CT)

Dove White Beauty Bar, Light Scent, 2.6 oz, Each (UNI61073EA)