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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

The invention, popularity and effectiveness of hand sanitizer changed the way we are able to easily clean our hands on the go without soap and water. As wonderful as it is, the regular use of alcoholic hand sanitizer over time can be drying to the skin. They can strip the skin of the natural oils that we need to retain moisture. Suppose there was a way to sanitize hands without the drying effects of alcohol? Consumers wanted it and companies listened. Introducing the best alcohol free hand sanitizers from the top name brands, such as Kleenex and Rubbermaid, that you have come to rely on and tend to prefer.

Wondering where to buy alcohol free hand sanitizer? Right here at is where you will find the very best brands, wholesale prices, reliable customer service and fast shipping that is free on larger orders. Of course, with low prices like these on skin care & hand soaps, many do prefer to buy in bulk to save even more. Since hand sanitizer is an important step in keeping hands germ-free throughout the year, you will want to have enough on hand at home, on your person while traveling, as well as in the workplace.

Fragrance, dye and alcohol free hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs on contact and are still gentle on skin. If you prefer a light fresh scent, our wall dispenser foam refills, enriched with aloe vera and glycerin, feel luxurious on the skin yet are hardworking at cleaning hands.

Many will argue that the non alcohol based hand sanitizers, whether gel or foam formulas, are as equally effective as the alcohol based hand sanitizers. Of course, the mere fact that non alcoholic hand sanitizer does not contain harmful alcohol is already a plus in the eyes of parents and caretakers of younger children. The hand sanitizer without alcohol is non-toxic and non-flammable, and therefore, a certainly safer alternative for those younger users in homes as well as in schools and daycares. One thing is for sure, whether or not there is alcohol in your preferred hand sanitizer or it is a non alcohol based sanitizer, it is a definitive germ killer. If it is cold and flu season or a trip from the petting zoo, be certain to never leave home without your hand sanitizer.  

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TidyFoam Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 6 Cartridges (ADV7820F)

Rubbermaid FG750593 TC Enriched Foam Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer (TEC 750593)

Simoniz In An Instant Foam Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, 4 Bottles (SIM-I1685004)

Kleenex Foam Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, 1000 mL, 6 Refills (KCC12977)

Kleenex Foam Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, 1.5 oz, 24 Bottles (KCC34136)

Kleenex Foaming Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, 1.5-oz., Clear (KCC34136EA)

Rubbermaid AutoFoam Hand Sanitizer, Alcohol-Free, 1100mL, 4 Refills (RCP750593)

Kleenex Foam Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, 1.5 oz, Clear, 24/Ctn (KCC 34136)

Kleenex 1200 mL Foam Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, 2 Refills (KCC12979)

Misco Products Foam Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, 1000 mL, 6/Case (F06-06MN)

Genuine Joe Alcohol-free Foam Hand Sanitizer, 8 fl oz, Fresh, Each (GJO14467)

Georgia Pacific Blue Ultra Soap/Sanitizer Refill, Citrus, 4 Refills (GPC43715)

Tork Premium Alcohol-Free Foam Sanitizer, 1 L Bottle, 6/Carton (TRK401213)

Genuine Joe Alcohol-free Foam Hand Sanitizer, 8 fl oz, 24 Bottles (GJO14467CT)