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Genuine Joe Hand Sanitizer

If you find yourself wondering if hand sanitizers really do work and should you use them? The answer to both of those questions is yes. Genuine Joe hand sanitizer is proven to effectively kill 99.9% of most common germs and bacteria on hands in as quickly as half of a minute. Hand sanitizer is a very convenient option since you can easily use it to kill germs on your hands when soap and water are not available. Contaminated hands are the main culprit for spreading infections, so why not defend yourself against germs and bacteria with hand sanitizers.

Genuine Joe instant hand sanitizer is bio-based certified and is enriched with vitamins A and E along with moisturizers to help prevent irritation and dry skin with frequent use. So long as your hands are not visibly dirty or grimy, hand sanitizer is an excellent way to clean them. Though seemingly foolproof, there actually is a correct way to use hand sanitizer to get the most of its effects. Be sure to apply enough product and rub hands vigorously, getting between fingers to get the most from the sanitizer. Allow hands to air dry and never rinse or wipe them with a towel afterwards or it will not sanitize hands effectively.    

The Genuine Joe brand hand sanitizer is never tested on animals and their products offer a neutral fragrance that even the most sensitive nose will appreciate. Choose from the foam formula with the easy-to-use pump bottle for the perfect pre-measured amount of product each time or the incredibly convenient travel size gel formula that goes anywhere and everywhere that you do. Never be caught off guard again without a means to clean your hands. is your one-stop-shop for all things skin care & hand soap related and so much more. Our low, wholesale prices and well-stocked inventory of everything from hand sanitizer and refills to janitorial supplies will ensure an enjoyable shopping experience each and every time. Purchase by the carton, by the case or buy in bulk to save even more. Shop with and start saving on hand sanitizer today!    

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Genuine Joe Gel Hand Sanitizer, 8.5 oz Pump Bottle (GJO10450)

Genuine Joe Gel Hand Sanitizer, 16 oz Pump Bottle, Each (GJO10451)

Genuine Joe Foam Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz Pump Bottle, Each (GJO10453)

Genuine Joe Gel Hand Sanitizer, 2.75 oz Pocket Bottle (GJO10454)

Genuine Joe Sanitizing Wipes, Lemon Scent, 120 Wipes (GJO10477EA)

Genuine Joe 10477 Hand-Sanitizing Wipes, Lemon Scent, 6 Containers (GJO10477CT)

Genuine Joe 14144 Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Lemon Scent, 12 Canisters (GJO14144CT)

Genuine Joe 68-oz. Gel Hand Sanitizer, Fresh Citrus Scent (GJO14452)

Genuine Joe Gel Hand Sanitizer, Fresh Citrus, 25.4 oz., Clear, Each (GJO14455)

Genuine Joe Foam Hand Sanitizer, Unscented, 25.4 oz., Clear, Each (GJO14456)

Genuine Joe Gel Hand Sanitizer, 2 fl oz, Citrus, Clear, 24 Bottles (GJO14466)

Genuine Joe Alcohol-free Foam Hand Sanitizer, 8 fl oz, Fresh, Each (GJO14467)

Genuine Joe Instant Hand Sanitizer,67.6oz, Fresh Citrus, 4 Bottles (GJO14452CT)

Genuine Joe Alcohol-free Foam Hand Sanitizer, 8 fl oz, 24 Bottles (GJO14467CT)