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What could be more important than the health of your eyes? Treasure your eyesight with Nemesis safety glasses. It is imperative that you properly protect your eyes and those of your employees when working around harmful materials and bright light that can be permanently damaging to your eyesight and to the eyes themselves.

CleanItSupply.com offers consumers safety supply items and, more specifically, eye protection & safety glasses at low, wholesale prices. We all know that you cannot put a price tag on the worth of your eyes but why pay more than you have to? CleanItSupply.com believes that you should never compromise quality for affordability which is why we carry top quality products and preferred name brands at everyday affordable prices. With prices this incredibly low, you may want to buy in bulk and stock up on a few different styles of Nemesis eyewear and keep these glasses all over your home, garage, workplace, vehicle, and more.

Our Jackson Nemesis Safety Glasses by Kimberly Clark are not your father's safety glasses. Nemesis glasses are not only practical, but trendsetting, too. Protect your eyes and look good while doing it! Offered in polarized, tinted, mirrored, colored, or clear lenses, Nemesis by Jackson Safety Glasses are perfect for those both indoor and outdoor projects that require reliable eye protection. Want to look cool in camo? We carry camo safety glasses. Nemesis sunglasses with 99% UVA/UVB/UVC protection can handle really bright light in industrial locations as well sunlight outdoors both of which can be dangerous to your eyes. Scratch-resistant dual polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant and durable for a long life. They are sleek and flexible while the lightweight design with soft touch temples add to the comfort of these glasses. If you need anti-fog or reader safety glasses, Nemesis makes those, too!

For those janitorial, facility maintenance & safety supplies along with protective eyewear products, be sure to shop CleanItSupply.com for your wholesale Nemesis Safety Glasses and save money while preserving your precious and priceless eyesight today!

Why is it Important to Wear Safety Glasses?

According to the American Optometric Association, workplace eye injuries are very common, with 2,000 eye injuries requiring medical treatment reported every day. These injuries are a direct result of not wearing eye protection at all or wearing the wrong kind of eye protection. A Bureau of Laber Statistics survey found that 3 out of 5 workers who suffered eye injuries were not wearing eye protection at the time the accident occurred. Safety experts and eye doctors agree that the right kind of eye protection can prevent 90% of eye injuries or at least lessen their severity.

Workplace eye protection is essential when working with projectiles, chemicals, radiation, and bloodborne pathogens. Chemicals and foreign objects in the eye are common injuries as well as grease and oil splashes, steam burns, ultraviolet or infrared radiation exposure, and flying wood or metal chips.

Health care workers and janitorial staff run the risk of contracting infectious diseases from eye exposure. Some infectious diseases can be transmitted through the mucous membranes of the eye through direct exposure to blood splashes, respiratory droplets from coughing, or from touching eyes with contaminated objects. So, even a job that is not considered dangerous, can result in serious eye injury.

The proper eye protection will take all hazards into account and provide protection from all potential injuries.

Can Safety Glasses Cause Eye Strain?

Many eye injuries in the workplace are a direct result of the worker not wearing eye protection. Some workers may opt not to wear their glasses because they are uncomfortable or hurt their eyes. This discomfort or eye strain may be due to factors that can be fixed, eliminating the discomfort so that you can properly wear safety glasses as a means of preventing eye injury.

The experts at Safety Glasses USA have put together a list of the most common causes for discomfort and eye strain and some ways to alleviate these issues.

Common Causes of Discomfort:

Improper fit: Safety glasses should be secure, but not tight enough to cause pain. One style and size of safety glasses will not be the right fit for everybody, so be sure to try a variety of sizes and styles to find the fit that is right for you.

Lens color: Each lens color has its pros and cons depending on the situation in which they are used. The wrong lens can result in eye strain or fatigue from glare or bright lights. Find the lens tint that offers the best vision for each situation. If you are unsure, consult the retailer where you are purchasing the glasses as they can often help finding the correct lens color.

Improper use: Safety glasses are designed to be worn over your eyes, not pushed up on your forehead. Wearing your safety glasses in any other way then they were designed to be worn can results in pain and discomfort.
Improper care & poor condition: Not taking proper care of your safety glasses can cause dirty or scratched lenses, which can strain eyes. Bent or broken frames can cause a bad fit that result in uncomfortable pressure. Take care of your safety glasses and keep them in a safe place when not in use to avoid these problems. Perform regular checks and replace your glasses if you notice damage.

Situational fit: Different situations call for different types of safety eyewear. General-use safety glasses can work fine in many situations, but sometimes varying light conditions require lens switching. Also, changes in air flow and humidity may require the use of different safety glasses.

Poor quality: Budget priced glasses are great for infrequent use, but if you rely on safety glasses all day, it’s best to invest in quality glasses that will provide the most amount of comfort. Getting a good pair of glasses will prevent many problems.

As with many purchases, do your homework to make sure you have chosen the correct type of eye protection. Consult your retailer or the manufacturer if you are unsure what types of glasses are best for you and the situation in which you are working. Once you’ve found the right safety glasses, make sure to take proper care of them to prevent discomfort and eye fatigue.

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Kimberly Clark V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Camo Frame/Anti-Fog Lens (KCC22609)

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Camo Frame w/Anti-Fog Lens (JAK22610)

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Black Frame/Amber Lens (JAK25659)

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses w/Anti-Fog Lens (JAK25679)

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Black/Indoor/Outdoor Lens (JAK25685)

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Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Smoke Lens/Black Frame (KCC25688)

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Camo Frame/Anti-Fog Lens (KCC 22610)

Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses, Black Frame/Clear Lens (KCC25676)

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