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Got parched customers? Quench their thirst with our Rubbermaid pitchers, mugs, and beverage dispensers. Unlike glass pitchers which tend to be heavy, potentially dangerous, and expensive to replace, Rubbermaid Bounce and Bounce II pitchers are a safer alternative. Our strong and durable - yet lightweight - polycarbonate pitchers are chip- and break-resistant and simple-to-clean, since they are dishwasher-safe. Rubbermaid pitchers have an easy-to-fill and easy-to-empty open-top design, which boasts a drip-proof spout for a mess-free pour and a self-draining bottom. Our crystal-clear Bounce and Bounce II pitchers come in a variety of sizes such as 32, 60 or 72 ounces to conveniently see how much of the beverage is left. Each pitcher’s handle is comfortable to use and designed for effortless control when pitcher is full. Offering trusted brand names like Rubbermaid, you can be sure you are getting quality items at CleanItSupply.com’s signature wholesale prices.

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Bouncer II Pitcher, 60-oz. Capacity, 6 Pitchers (RCP 3334 CLE)

Rubbermaid 3336 Bouncer Pitcher, 32-oz. Capacity (RCP 3336 CLE)

Bouncer Pitchers, 60-oz. Capacity, Clear, 6 Pitchers (RCP 3338 CLE)

Rubbermaid Bouncer Pitcher, 72-oz. Capacity, Each (RCP3339CLE)

Rubbermaid Bouncer Plastic Pitcher, 60-oz., Clear (RCP333800CR)

Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Plastic Pitcher, 32oz, Clear (RCP3336CLE)

Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer II Plastic Pitcher, 60 oz, Clear (RCP333400CLR)

Bunn 1.9 Liter Thermal Pitcher, Stainless Steel (BUNVACPIT19)

Rubbermaid 3331 Bouncer II 48-oz Plastic Pitcher, Clear (RCP3331CLE)