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What do you look for in a facial tissue? Most likely, you would prefer a product that is strong, absorbent, and of course, affordable. Marcal facial tissues are just that but also so much more. Marcal tissue is soft for life's everyday sniffles and sneezes; yet these tissues can also be counted on for the worst that cold, flu and allergy season has to offer. Marcal is a company that can provide all of that and still be environmentally friendly.

Marcal paper products are a purchase you can feel good about. Many Marcal facial tissues products are made from 100% recycled paper that are hypoallergenic and contain no dyes or fragrances. Marcal facial tissues are virtually lint-free making them a popular choice for consumers everywhere. Manufactured without the use of chlorine bleach, Marcal paper products are safe for the environment and safe for you. Marcal paper products are made in one of the oldest environmentally-friendly paper companies in the country. For over 50 years, the company has been reducing landfills by making their products from recycled paper discarded from residential neighborhoods and office buildings, such as unwanted junk mail and paper waste from printers. The company uses recyclables from local municipalities and recycling facilities in northern New Jersey communities where Marcal is based. Marcal is committed to providing the best paper products while being responsibly conscious of the environment.

Marcal paper products offer a variety of facial tissues to suit every consumer's need and preference. Marcal's fluff out facial tissues make dispensing the tissues a breeze. Marcal pro facial tissues are made from a minimum of 75% total recycled content with its double-ply construction offering added strength against unwanted tears and leaks. If you are searching for completely recycled tissues, you may prefer the Aspen facial tissues. Aspen tissues are not only constructed of 100% recycled paper but they are whitened without chlorine bleach and contain no dyes or fragrances. These facial tissues are ideal for sensitive skin and are perfect for schools, homes, and healthcare facilities, plus a great choice for the environment as well. These premium tissues are endorsed by the NRDC, as well as fully meeting both the EPA and CPG requirements as they contain 60% post-consumer and 100% recycled total recovered material.

Help yourself along with the environment by choosing Marcal brand facial tissues and any additional paper products & dispensers you need for your home or workplace from today!

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Marcal Pro Premium Recycled 2-Ply Facial Tissues, 6 Cube Boxes (MRC4034)

Marcal 2930 Pro 2-Ply Facial Tissues, 100% recycled content, 30 Boxes (MRC2930CT)

Marcal Paper Mills Fluff Out 2 Ply Facial Tissues, 30 Tissue Boxes (FOR-2723)

Marcal Paper Mills 2 Ply Facial Tissue, 36 Boxes (FOR-4329)

Marcal Pro Recycled Facial Tissue, 100 Sheets/Box, 30 Boxes (MRC2930)