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Sure, we have all been in that situation where you need a tissue - now. Don't be caught in a messy situation. Be sure to stock up on Facial Tissue Pocket Packs for your on-the-go lifestyle. Here at CleanItSupply.com we carry Pocket Tissues for your handbags, briefcases, purses, suitcases and schoolbags. Soft, strong and absorbent, these pocket size tissues are portable and convenient. Of course, we do not usually give much thought to the Facial Tissue Pocket Pack that we reach for. In fact, pocket tissues are basically a recent invention when you think about the history of how the facial tissue and Kleenex came about.  

Many moons ago around the early 1920's, Kimberly-Clark, a growing paper manufacturer, needed to decide what to do with a large amount of crepe wadding that it developed. Through much experimentation, scientists invented the first ever disposable cleansing tissue. The tissue was created to originally replace the "cold cream towel" used remove cold cream and makeup from women's faces.

By 1924, the tissue was trademarked Kleenex as a disposable substitute for face towels. Endorsed in ladies magazine ads by famous actresses, the Kleenex tissue became popular among women. During this time in about 1930, the head researcher at Kimberly-Clark was using the tissues to help with his hay fever symptoms in place of his handkerchief. This simple but ingenious idea changed the way Kleenex was branded forever. Instead of women being their main customers, women, men and children were utilizing these facial tissues to aid in sneezing and other nose needs. The Kleenex tissue was now marketed to replace the handkerchief and sales doubled the first year of this new strategy.     

Today Kleenex brand facial tissues are so popular that Kleenex is sometimes mistakenly substituted for the word tissue. It is also the number one brand of facial tissues in the world and has become a global icon. Considering this all came about because of some excess material is certainly nothing to sneeze at! In fact, own a piece of history with Pocket Kleenex from CleanItSupply.com and save some money while doing it! While shopping for tissues, be sure to check out our everyday low prices and extensive selection on all of our paper products & dispensers.

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