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Sparkle Kitchen Paper Towels

Paper towels are one of the most versatile and useful paper products of today. They not only effectively dry our hands, but are utilized for cleaning. Disposable kitchen paper towels keep us healthy by halting the spread of harmful germs transferred from cloth towels. Sparkle paper towels are the perfect balance of performance and value. They are strong and absorbent yet economical. These general purpose kitchen paper towels help get the job done more quickly and affordably. Sparkle paper towel rolls are of high quality and are sturdy, durable and last long enough for not only wiping up messy spills and easily cleaning grime, but also for cleaning countertops and furniture without fear of scratching the surfaces.

Manufactured by Georgia Pacific, Sparkle Towels are two-ply premium perforated sheets that perform as well as they look. Ideal for use in the kitchen, breakroom, and restroom, Sparkle Paper Roll Towels are a more cost-effective choice since their Pick-A-Size sheets allow the user to only choose the size they need. This innovation is an environmentally-friendly alternative that not only ends useless waste but will save time and money on maintenance upkeep. For life's larger messes, these kitchen towels contain Thirst Pockets to draw liquids into the towel for extreme absorbency and allowing surfaces to wipe dry more quickly and efficiently.

Sparkle paper towels are great in the bathroom and for basic household use, yet they tend to shine even moreso in the kitchen. Not just for cleaning purposes, Sparkle suggests a few helpful tips for multi-use in the kitchen. Next time you cook corn on the cob, be sure to first shuck the corn, then dampen a paper towel and run it along the corn to effortlessly remove the silk. Another helpful hint from Sparkle to keep cooling baked goods from drying out is to place a dampened paper towel over the warm baked good to help seal in the moisture.

Now that you are ready to clean, dry, wipe, and employ well beyond the scope of what paper towels were traditionally approved for, be certain to have enough to keep up with the daily uses for Sparkle paper towels. Choose from 8, 15 or our best selling 30 paper towel rolls per case. Be sure to also browse through our vast online superstore to stock up on everything from janitorial supplies to paper products & dispensers. All of our products are in stock and ready to ship at low wholesale prices. Come experience the difference and shop with today!

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Sparkle 2717201 Kitchen 2-Ply Paper Towel Rolls, 30 Rolls (GPC2717201)

Sparkle 2717714 Pick-A-Size Kitchen 2-Ply Paper Towels, 15 Rolls (GPC2717714)

Pick-A-Size Perforated Roll Towels with Thirst Pockets, 8 Rolls (GPC217695)