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Ivory Bath Bar Soap

"Keep it pure, clean and simple" is Ivory's slogan. You already are familiar with the American-made Ivory brand that has spanned well beyond your lifetime, but did you realize it has been around much longer? Ivory soap has been around since our great-great-grandparents were likely alive. It was developed back when the first lightbulb was being invented. Ivory Soap has been trusted by families for over 130 years and has survived two World Wars, the Great Depression, the moon landing, and 26 United States Presidents. Considering its longevity, it is pretty fair to say that the brand is not only reliable and trustworthy, but pretty well-loved. Unlike other bar soaps today, Ivory is still 99.4% pure soap, meaning no synthetics, only soap ingredients - pure, clean and simple. Interestingly enough, Ivory Bath Bar Soap also floats. This was a groundbreaking concept considering that back in the late 1800's people still bathed in open waters. Ivory Bath Soap is infused with oxygen during the production process so that it would float. When a bather would accidentally drop their soap in the water it was much easy to recover if the soap did not drop to the bottom of the river or lake. Ivory Bar Soap was not just used for bathing, though. In the past, the soap was also used for laundry, dishwashing, and general cleaning.  

Still the same great product, Ivory soap produces a rich, thick lather that provides a luxurious cleansing experience for your face, hands and body. Each bar comes individually wrapped to maintain its freshness. Choose from the classic scent or unscented bars. Here at CleanItSupply.com we have the top brand names in skin care & hand soaps, such as Ivory, at low, wholesale prices. Be sure to click through our online superstore and search for whatever is on your shopping list. You will find that the prices on our hand soap & dispensers, as well as on our janitorial supplies and cleaning products, provide you with the very best deals out there. Always in stock and ready to ship, our inventory is constantly being replenished so you can order, receive, and start using your products as quickly as possible. For the ultimate in convenience, buy in bulk to not only save time, but also money. Click today and see what CleanItSupply.com has in store for you!  

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Ivory Bar Soap, Individually Wrapped, 3.1-oz, 72 Bars (PGC12364CT)

Ivory Original Scented 4 oz. Bar Soap, White, 72 Bars (PGC 82757)

Ivory Original Bar Soap, 4 oz. Bars, White, 72 Bars (PGC82757)