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Like so many before you, put your trust in for the very best selection, price and quality in shopping for Canes and Walkers. Strong, sturdy, and reliable, our collection of canes and walkers offer a wide range of options that are sure to fit your individual needs and wants.

If you are searching for a sleek, stylish cane that comes in a variety of colors, look no further. Offered in neutral gray, classic black, feminine pink, or in a fun and flirty lavender color, the Healthsmart Comfort Grip Standard Cane has an updated sleek appearance. Constructed of sturdy aluminum, our adjustable height canes each have a gel-top offset handle that reduces hand stress and fatigue while providing a center of gravity with its unique design. If you require more assistance than a cane can provide, our walkers are ideal. From top brand names such as DMI and Healthsmart, our walkers are lightweight yet will provide heavy-duty service for getting around with ease. For a walker with style and function, choose from our Rollators that include a seat for resting and some even include a basket for storage. Offered in a variety of colors to suit your personal preference and flair, these aluminum walkers are lightweight, weighing in at less than 20 pounds per walker, yet will support up to 300 pounds with great ease. If you have no need for all the bells and whistles of a Rollator, check out our line of walkers that are anything but basic. The DMI Folding Walker with Wheels has a simple two-button release that allows it to fold down to 4" width for easy storage or lateral access. The molded, soft foam handgrips are comfortable to hold and the rear legs have slip-resistant rubber tips for safety.

Whichever cane or walker you decide on, you can be certain that has exactly what you need at low, wholesale prices, everyday. Browse through our online superstore and see what else you can save on with us today!

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Healthsmart Aluminum Rollator, Purple, 300 lb Capacity (BGH50150121110)