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Puffs Tissue & Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues

"A Face in Need Deserves Puffs Indeed." One of the most trusted brand names in facial tissues since 1960, Puffs has been associated with softness throughout the years. Dermatologist tested to be gentle and earning the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, Puffs Tissues are a reliable and respected brand of tissues. Puffs may have updated their packaging to suit today's lifestyle demands, but the softness and strength has never changed.

Though many popular varieties of Puffs Facial Tissues have been introduced, Puffs Basic Facial Tissues have endured through decades and will likely continue to do so for many decades to come. Puffs Basic is the soft, go-to, non-lotion tissue that you reach for everyday. When you still need something just as soft yet stronger, Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong is your tissue of choice. Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong is their best non-lotion facial tissue that is perfect for makeup removal, touch-ups or wind-blown, watery eyes. For those days when you feel under-the-weather, Puffs Plus Lotion is designed to soothe sore noses from repeated nose blowing, constant sneezing and endless wiping. Puffs Plus Facial Tissues are ideal for cold, flu and allergy season suffers. Puffs Softpack tissues have a flexible plastic package design that can fit virtually anywhere for the ultimate in convenience whenever and wherever you need it.  

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Puffs 1 Ply Facial Tissues

Puffs 2 Ply Facial Tissues


Puffs 35038 Ultra Soft & Strong 2-Ply Facial Tissues, 24 Boxes (PGC35038)

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues, 2-Ply, 24 Boxes (PGC82086CT)

Puffs Facial Tissue, 2-Ply, White, 180 Sheets 24 Boxes/Carton (PGC 87611)

Puffs 2-Ply Facial Tissue, White, 8.4" x 8 1/4", 56 Sheets (PGC35038BX)

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues, 2-Ply, 3 Boxes/Pack (PGC82086)

Puffs 2-Ply Facial Tissues, White, 180 Sheets/Box (PGC87611BX)

Puffs White 2-Ply Facial Tissues, Air-Fluffed, 24 Boxes (PGC87611CT)

Puffs Facial Tissue, 2-Ply, Air-Fluffed, White, 3 Boxes (PGC87615PK)

Puffs 2-Ply Facial Tissues, Air-Fluffed, White, 24 Boxes (PGC87615)

Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissue, White, 1-Ply, 24 Boxes (PGC34899CT)

Puffs Ultra Soft Facial Tissue, 2-Ply, White, 56 Sheets/Box, 4/Pack (PGC35295PK)