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Take great care of your vehicle with our high quality exterior car care products. Whether you are searching for car wash soap, waxes and polishes or wheel and tire care, you can be certain you will find it all right here at CleanItSupply.com at great, low prices, everyday. Offering one of the top, preferred brand names in car care, such as Simoniz, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality car care items on the market today but at wholesale pricing.

Strawberry, banana and cherry may sound like delicious fruit varieties but they are just some of the delightful scents available for car wash soaps to keep your automobile looking and smelling fresh, clean and inviting. If you are looking for fix minor surface issues, our Correction Creme is a simple to use light cut compound and polish all in one that removes light oxidation and those annoying swirl marks on the surface of your car. It easily removes minor acid rain contamination, light surface scratches, and increases gloss on the base coat, gel coat and clear coat paint finishes. To safely keep your tires and black trim maintain its glossy, mirror-like shine, check out our selection of shine and gloss products made especially just for that. Your vehicle will look like it just came off the showroom floor. Clean, polish and shine your car or truck to its fullest potential and enjoy that new car look, feel and smell once again. 

Offered in quarts, gallons or cases, we carry the perfect size automotive detailing supply products for your specific needs. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your business, be sure to browse our discounted exterior car care products along with any janitorial supplies you may need for your home or business and start saving with CleanItSupply.com today.

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Armor All Original Protectant, 4 - 1 Gallon Bottles (ARM 10710)

Armor All Original Protectant, 28 oz., 6 Spray Bottles (ARM 10228)

Libman On/Off Flow Thru Telescopic Handle, 6 Handles (LIB-00607)

Scott Shop Towels Pop-Up Box, 10" x 12", 8 Boxes, 1600 Towels (KCC75190)

Armor All Original Protectant, 4 Gallons (ARM10710)

Simoniz Banana Express Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-B0510HFQ)

Simoniz Banana Express Liquid Carnuba Wax, 6 Quarts (SIM-B0510HF4)

Simoniz Big Red Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-B0335004)

Simoniz Big Red Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-B0335#06)

Simoniz Black Back Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-B0311004)

Simoniz Black Ice, 5 Gallon Pail  (SIM-B0303005)

Simoniz Body Gloss Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-B0375004)

Simoniz Cherry Syrup, 5 Gallon Pail  (SIM-C0553005)

Simoniz Cherry Syrup Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-C0553004)

Simoniz Chrome Polish Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-S3275004)

Simoniz Chrome Polish Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3275#06)

Simoniz Correction Creme Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3276004)

Simoniz Correction Creme Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3276#06)

Simoniz Detailers Choice Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-D0872012)

Simoniz Express Wax Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-S33281004)

Simoniz Express Wax Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3281012)

Simoniz Extreme Shine Gallon , 4/Case  (SIM-E1020004)

Simoniz Free Finish Compound Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-F0510HF4)

Simoniz Free Finish Compound Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-F0510HFQ)

Simoniz Free Finish Glaze Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-F0511HF4)

Simoniz Free Finish Glaze Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-F0511HFQ)

Simoniz In & Out Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-I1680004)

Simoniz Nu Shine Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3294004)

Simoniz Nu Shine Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3294#06)

Simoniz Polish Compound Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-S3286004)

Simoniz Polish Compound Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3286#06)

Simoniz Prism Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-P3200004)

Simoniz Quick Cleaner Polish Gallons, 4/Case  (SIM-Q0510HF4)

Simoniz Quick Cleaner Polish Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-Q0510HFQ)

Simoniz Resinate Solvent Based Dressing, 4 Gallons (SIM-R1020004)

Simoniz Show Time Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3175004)

Simoniz Spray Gloss Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3450004)

Simoniz Ss Dressing Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S2495004)

Simoniz SS1 Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3313004)

Simoniz SS1 Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3313#06)

Simoniz SS2 Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3314004)

Simoniz SS2 Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3314#06)

Simoniz SS3 Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3315004)

Simoniz SS3 Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3315#06)

Simoniz Strawberry Express Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S0510HF4)

Simoniz Strawberry Express Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S0510HFQ)

Simoniz Sure Shine Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3263004)

Simoniz Sure Shine Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3263012)

Simoniz Swirl Remover Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-S3181004)

Simoniz Swirl Remover Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-S3181#06)

Simoniz Synthetic Sealer Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-RT4029)

Simoniz Synthetic Sealer Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-RT4028)

Simoniz Tire Glaze Gallons , 4/Case  (SIM-T3795004)

Simoniz Trimtastic Quarts , 6/Case  (SIM-T4100#06)

Armor All Original Protectant, 28-oz, 6 Spray Bottles (ARM10228CT)

Tork Universal Windshield Towel, 2,250 Towels (FOR-2255)

Armor All Car Wash Concentrate, 64 oz Bottle, 4/Carton (ARM25464)

TASKBrand 4-Ply Scrim Wipers, Quarterfold, 12x12 White, 900 Wipers (HOSGSC4300)

Misty Brake Parts Cleaner EF, 20 oz. Aerosol Can, 12/Carton (AMR1003164)

Misty Brake & Parts Cleaner II, Nonchlorinated, 12 Aerosol Cans (AMR1003210)

Tork Windshield Single-fold Towel, Blue, 140/Pack, 16 Packs (TRK192122)