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Take Out Food Containers & Lids

To maintain order in your restaurant, business or home, has the right Food Containers & Lids you are looking for. We offer deli containers and convenient carryout boxes that come in a variety of different sizes and styles to fit your specific application. Our restaurant supplies include caterware, food grade buckets, hinged lid & snap-it foam hinged lid food containers, food lids, souffles & portion cups, aluminum trays, cold food pans, hot dog trays and miscellaneous carryout containers. In addition to offering a full line of wholesale cleaning supplies and janitorial supplies, offers discount food containers & lids and take-out containers at everyday low prices.

If you are a restaurant, business, or homeowner wanting to keep your food fresh or provide your customers with the convenience of "To Go" or "Take-Out Containers" or otherwise known as doggie bags, you've found the right place to shop. We offer the best quality restaurant supplies including food carryout boxes and take-out containers at wholesale prices. You can be sure to trust us as your preferred supplier of top brand name products including Rubbermaid and Dart. We ship directly to your doorstep or place of business - fast.

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Souffles & Portion Cups
Food Grade Buckets
Hinged Lid
Deli Containers


Conex Complements Portion Cups, Clear, 4-oz. Cup (DCC 400PC)
165-oz. Double-Wrapped Unwaxed Paper Buckets, 100 Buckets (SCC 10T1UU)
Solo 83-oz. Double-Wrapped Unwaxed Paper Buckets, 100 Containers (SCC 5T1UU)
Dart 6-oz. Squat Foam Food Container, 1,000 Containers (DCC 6SJ12)
8-oz. Extra Squat Foam Food Containers, 1,000 Containers (DCC 8SJ20)
24-oz. Squat Foam Containers, 500 Containers (DCC 24MJ48)
32-oz. Foam Food Containers, 500 Containers (DCC 32MJ48)
4-oz. Squat Foam Containers, 1,000 Containers (DCC 4J6)
Dart 16-oz. Foam Food Containers, 500 Containers (DCC 16MJ20)
12-oz. Squat Foam Food Container, 500 Containers (DCC 12SJ20)
Chinet Molded Fiber Food Trays, 250 Trays (HUH TUG)
Dart Plastic Vented Lid for 24 & 32-oz. Foam Containers, 500 Lids (DCC 48JL)
Dart Plastic Vented Lids for Food Containers, 1,000 Lids (DCC 20JL)
18in Clear Dome Lids for Round Serving Trays, 25 Lids (HFA 4018DL)
Savaday Molded Fiber Food Tray, 500 Trays (HUH JUST)
Smart-Set Pro Round 48-oz. Container Lids, 300 Lids (GNP FP948)
Chinet High Heat Vented Plastic Lids, 1,000 Lids (HUH 89107)
Chinet High Heat Vented Plastic Lids, 500 Lids (HUH 89112)
Streetside 8-10oz Paper Food Containers, 1,000 Containers (HUH 70310)
Streetside 12-oz. Paper Food Containers, 1,000 Containers (HUH 70312C)
Streetside 16-oz. Paper Food Containers, 500 Containers (HUH 70316C)
Streetside 32-oz. Paper Food Container, 500 Containers (HUH 70332)
Streetside 16-oz. Tall Paper Food Containers, 1,000 Containers (HUH 71847)
Pactiv Sandwich Containers with Dome Lids, 500 Containers (PAC YCI81160)
Cold Food Deli Box, Large Snack, 200 Containers (SCC 844001-PS94)
OctaView Cold Food Containers, 9-In. Deep, 100 Containers (SCC 864612-PS94)
OctaView Cold Food Containers, 9-In. 3-Section, 100 Containers (SCC 864628-PS94)
Genpak Plastic Lids, Fits All 10" Plates, Clear (GNP 94010)
Handi-Foil Foil Laminated Board Lid, Fits 2061, 2062 (HFA 2062L)
Bulk Buys Insulated food container set with 6 pieces, 1 Each (KOLE-OB553)