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Plastic and Foam Dinnerware carries a large selection of disposable dinnerware at the lowest wholesale prices around. Our selection runs the gamut from plastic and foam to paper plates and bowls. We have what you need whether you are shopping for a formal or informal occasion, and most items are in stock and ready to ship. We offer wholesale paper plates and bowls from dependable name brands like Chinet and Dixie so you never have to sacrifice quality for low price. Our stock of disposable plates and bowls come in a variety of sizes and colors. Whether you choose discount paper plates, foam or plastic, consider our compartment trays, ideal for controlling portion and keeping foods separate for pickier eaters. Our bowl options range from 6 to 12 oz. sizes to further help with portion control. For an upscale look without the upscale price, check out our stock of Masterpiece Premier Dinnerware, offering the look of fine china without the clean-up. Just dispose of them and spend more time with your guests instead of washing dishes. For your environmentally conscious consumers who are not willing to sacrifice their green ideals for convenience, we have a number of eco-friendly brands that use only 100% reclaimed and renewable materials.

We can help you set the table whether you are shopping for an elegant dinner, or you just need cheap paper plates for a backyard picnic. Many of our wholesale plastic plates come in decorative patterns and designs that can easily substitute for fine china at a dinner party or shower, providing you with simple elegance without the upkeep. While paper plates are a mainstay in many homes, sometimes the occasion calls for something a little sturdier. Our microwave and freezer safe, or heavyweight paper, fiber, plastic or foam plates are always a smart and economical alternative that provide extra strength for even the messiest meals. Are you looking to create a theme? We offer a great selection of matching stemware, cups, cutlery and napkins to seamlessly coordinate with your top picks. With so many disposable dinnerware options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let our customer service associates help you.

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Paper Plates, Paper Bowls, Paper Platters
Foam Plates, Foam Bowls
Plastic Plates, Plastic Bowls
EarthSmart Sugarcane Plates & Bowls


Aristocrat 6" Plastic Plates, 1,000 Plates (GNP 70600)
Aristocrat 9" Plastic Plates, 500 Plates (GNP 70900)
Aristocrat 10-1/4" Plastic Plates, 500 Plates (GNP 71000)
Aristocrat 10-1/4in 3 Compartment Plastic Plate, 500 Plates (GNP 71300)
Aristocrat 12-oz. Plastic Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (GNP 72100)
Celebrity 5-oz. Foam Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (GNP 80500)
Celebrity 10-1/4in Three Compartment Foam Plate, 500 Plates (GNP 81300)
Celebrity 12-oz. Foam Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (GNP 82100)
Celebrity 8-7/8" Foam Plate with Three Compartments (GNP 83900)
Celebrity Foam 6" Dinnerware Plates, 1,000 Plates (GNP 80600)
Celebrity 7" Foam Plate, 1,000 Plates (GNP 80700)
Celebrity 8-7/8" Foam Plates, 500 Plates (GNP 80900)
Celebrity 10-1/4" Foam Plate, 500 Plates (GNP 81000)
Chinet Premium Strength 12-oz. Paper Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (HUH VITAL)
Chinet Classic Premium Strength Paper Platters, 500 Platters (HUH VESPER)
Chinet 10" Three Compartment Paper Plates, 500 Plates (HUH VESTRY)
Chinet 9-1/4" Three Compartment Paper Plates, 500 Plates (HUH VISTA)
Chinet 6" Paper Dinnerware Plates, 1,000 Plates (HUH VACATE)
Chinet Premium Strength 9-3/4" Paper Plates, 500 Plates (HUH VAPOR)
Chinet Premium Strength 10-1/2" Paper Plates, 500 Plates (HUH VENTURE)
Chinet White Premium Strength 8-3/4" Paper Plates, 500 Plates (HUH VERDICT)
Concorde Non-Laminated Foam 6-oz. Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (DCC 5BWWC)
Elite 12-oz. Laminated Foam Bowls, 500 Bowls (GNP LAM21)
Elite 6" Laminated Foam Plates,  1,000 Plates (GNP LAM06)
Elite 9" Laminated Foam Plates, 500 Plates (GNP LAM09)
Elite 10-1/4" Laminated Foam Plates, 500 Plates (GNP LAM10)
Elite 10-1/4" 3 Compartment Laminated Foam Plates, 500 Plates (GNP LAM13)
GenPak 5 Compartment Foam Cafeteria Food Trays, 500 Trays (GNP 10500)
Impact 6" Plastic Plates, 1,000 Plates (DCC 6PWF)
Impact 9" Three Compartment Plastic Plates, 500 Plates (DCC 9CPWF)
Impact 10-12-oz. Plastic Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (DCC 12BWWF)
Impact 10-1/4" Plastic Plates with 3 Compartments, 500 Plates (DCC 10CPWF)
Dart 12-oz. Container Insulated Foam Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (DCC 12B32)
Quiet Classic 6" Laminated Foam Plates, 1,000 Plates (DCC 6PWQR)
AJM Green Label 6" Uncoated Paper Plates, 1,000 Plates (AJM PP6GREWH)
Green Label 9" Uncoated Paper Plates, 1,200 Plates (AJM PP9GRAWH)
Green Label 9" Uncoated Paper Plates, 1,000 Plates (AJM PP9GREWH)
9" Uncoated Paper Plates, 1,200 plates (SHR-GENPLATE9)
ChampWare 6" Heavyweight Molded Fiber Plates, 1,000 Plates (SCH 18110)
ChampWare 9" Paper Plates, 500 Plates (SCH 18140)
ChampWare 10" Heavyweight Molded Fiber Plate, 500 Plates (SCH 18160)
ChampWare 10" Molded Fiber 3 compartment Plate, 500 Plates (SCH 18163)
ChampWare 12-oz Heavyweight Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (SCH 18750)
Chinet 6" Light Weight Plastic Plates, 1,000 Plates (HUH 82206)
Chinet 9" Light Weight Plastic Plates, 500 Plates (HUH 82209)
Chinet 10-1/4"Light Weight Plastic Plates, 500 Plates (HUH 82210)
Chinet 12-oz Light Weight Plastic Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (HUH 82212)
Chinet 10-1/4" 3 Compartment Plastic Plates, 500 Plates (HUH 82230)
Classicware 10" Black Plastic Plates, 144 Plates (WNA CW10144BK)
Classicware 10" Plastic Plates, White, 144 Plates (WNA CW10144W)
Classicware 6" Black Plastic Plates, 180 Plates (WNA CW6180BK)
Classicware 6" White Plastic Plates, 180 Plates (WNA CW6180W)
Classicware 7.5" Black Plate, 180 Plates (WNA CW75180BK)
Classicware 7.5" White Dinner Plate, 180 Plates (WNA CW75180W)
Classicware 9" Black Plate, 180 Plates (WNA CW9180BK)
Classicware 9" White Plastic Plate, 180 Plates (WNA CW9180W)
Classicware 10oz Black Bowl, 180 Bowls (WNA CWB10180BK)
Classicware 10-oz. Plastic Bowls, White, 180 bowls(WNA CWB10180W)
Gold Label 9" Coated White Paper Plates, 1,000 Plates (AJM CP9GOEWH)
Gold Label 6" Coated Paper Plates,  1,200 Plates (AJM CP6OAWH)
Boardwalk Hi-Impact Plastic 12-oz. Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (BWK 12IMPACTBWL)
Boardwalk 6" Non-Laminated Foam Plate, 1,000 Plates (BWK 6UNLAM)
Eco Products 10" Sugercane Dinner Plate, 500 Plates (ECP EP-P005)
Eco Products 9" Sugarcane Dinner Plate, 500 Plates (ECP EP-P013)
Eco Products 6" Sugarcane Dinner Plates, 1,000 Plates (ECP EP-P016)
EarthSmart 6" Sugarcane Plates, 1,000 Plates (ES-P-0060-FB)
Dixie Mardi Gras 12-oz. Coated Paper Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (DIX MGVB12W)
Dixie Pathways Heavyweight 12-oz. Paper Bowls, 1,000 Bowls (DIX SX12PATH)
Dixie Pathways Heavyweight 10" Plates, 500 Plates (DIX SXP10PATH)
Dixie Pathways Heavyweight 8-1/2" Plates, 500 Plates (DIX SXP9PATH)
Dixie Pathways Mediumweight 6-7/8" Paper Plates, 1,000 Plates (DIX UX7PATH)
Dixie Pathways Mediumweight 8-3/4" Paper Plates, 1,000 Plates (DIX UX9PATH)
Dixie Pathways Mediumweight 8-3/4" Paper Plates, 500 Plates (DIX UX9WS)
Dixie Ultra Pathways Heavyweight 20-oz. Paper Bowls, 500 Bowls (DIX SX20PATH)
Dixie White Paper Plates, 6" dia, 1000 Plates (DIX 702622WNP6)
Hoffmaster Coated Paper Dinnerware, Plate, 9", White (HFM PL7095)
Chinet Lightweight Plastic Dinnerware, 3-Comp, Plate, 9", Round, White (HUH 82239)