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Plastic Fork Knife and Spoon Sets

Don’t be caught without enough utensils! If you own or work for a restaurant, catering business, cafeteria, food truck, or just enjoy the hygienic convenience of disposable cutlery at household parties and picnics, it is imperative that you always have enough forks, knives, and spoons on hand. Our discount plastic fork, knife, and spoon sets on sale for restaurants and other eateries are of high-quality and are durable enough to last through a meal without breakage. Our various styled wrapped kit sets come complete with cutlery, napkin, and salt and pepper packets. Our contemporary pre-rolled heavy-duty black cutlery is wrapped in a linen-Like paper napkin and elegantly secured with a matching napkin ring - fine enough for the fanciest gatherings. For environmentally-conscious consumers, you do not have to choose between your devotion to the earth and the love of convenience in disposable utensils. Fortunately, we have Zero-Trees Cutlery Kit that is petroleum-free, tree-free, degradable, disposable cutlery made from all-natural sugarcane Bagasse which is a compostable by-product of sugar production. has all of your plastic fork, knife, and spoon sets for your high-volume food service requirements at incredibly low, wholesale prices.

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Boardwalk Six-Piece Wrapped Cutlery Kits, 250 Kits (BWK 6KITMW)

Boardwalk 3-Piece Wrapped Cutlery Kits, White, 250 Kits (BWK COMBOKIT)

GEN Six Piece Wrapped Plastic Cutlery Kits, 250 Kits (GEN 6KITMW)

CaterWrap Pre-Rolled Heavyweight Black Cutlery, 100 Settings (HFM119971)

GEN Wrapped Four Piece Cutlery Kit, Plastic, White, 250 Kits (GEN 4KITMW)

Dixie Tray w/Heavyweight Crystal Plastic Tableware, 1800/Carton (DXECH0180DX7CT)

Boardwalk Wrapped Cutlery Kit w/Salt, Pepper & Napkin, Wht, 250 Kits (BWK6KITMW)

Boardwalk 3-Piece Wrapped Cutlery Kit:Fork, Knife, Spoon, 250 kits (BWKCOMBOKIT)

GEN Wrapped Cutlery Kits, Fork/Knife/Spoon/Napkin, White, 250 Kits (GEN4KITMW)

GEN 6-Piece Wrapped Cutlery Kits, Salt/Pepper Included, 250 Kits (GEN6KITMW)

Genuine Joe Utensil Kit, Poly Knife/Fork/Spoon, Napkin, 250 PK/CT (GJO58926)

Dixie Tray w/Plastic Tableware, 60 Forks, 60 Knives, 60 Spoons (DIX CH0180DX7)

Dixie Combo Pack, Tray w/ Plastic Utensils, Assorted, 168 Pieces (DXECM168CT)

Genuine Joe Fork/Knife/Spoon Utensil Kit, 250/Carton (GJO58943)

GEN Heavyweight Fork/Knife/Teaspoon Combo, White, 250/Carton (GENWHY6KIT250)

Empress Medium Weight Cutlery Kit with Napkin, 250 Kits (E176020)

Empress Medium Weight Cutlery Kit with S&P, Napkin, 250 Kits (E176000)

Empress Heavyweight Cutlery Kit with S&P and Napkin, Black, 250 Kits (E188000)

Empress Heavyweight Cutlery Kit with S&P, Napkin, Black, 250 Kits (E179000)

Dixie Wrapped Cutlery, Fork/Knife/Spoon/Napkin, Black, 250 Packs (DXECH56NSPC7)

Wna Plastic Cutlery Combo: Fork, Knife, Spoon; Silver, 75 Pieces (WNA612375)

GCN Eating Utensil Set, 4-Pc, 250/CT, White (GNRDL1239)

GCN Individual Eating Utensil Set, 6-Pc, 250/CT, White (GNRGALLEYKIT)

SKILCRAFT Biobased Cutlery Set, Knife/Fork/Spoon, 1200 Pieces (NSN5643560)

Prime Source Cutlery Kit Plastic X/H Fork, Knife, Teaspoon, 250/Case (75002878)