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Here at, we have condiments and condiment dispensers for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, snack bars, food trucks, caterers, even for use in your own home for picnics and parties at inexpensive wholesale prices. Our dishwasher-safe hygienic storage for condiments and garnishes features a clear textured lid with a handy finger tab to open with great ease, the perfect party supply for home or work. Imagine how convenient it would be to have olives, fresh sliced fruit, cinnamon sticks, sprigs of fresh herbs, celery, peppers, pearl onions, and all readily available right at your fingertips for garnishes of drinks and food plates. We have thousands of salt and pepper packets boxed up and ready for shipment. These pre-portioned salt and pepper packets are a versatile, transportable, sanitary alternative to salt and pepper shakers that have been handled by hundreds of hands, need to be cleaned and refilled, and are not able to travel with the recipient. Order wholesale condiment packets and save big!

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Pepper Packets

Salt Packets


Flat Salt Packets, 3,000 Packets (MKL 14609)

Flat Pepper Packets, 3,000 Packets (MKL 14462)

Office Snax Condiment Set, 4 oz Salt, 1.5 oz Pepper, Two-Shaker Set (OFX00057)

Pepper Packets, .10 Grams, 1,000 Packets/Box, 3 Boxes (MKL14462)

Diamond Salt Packets, .75 Grams, 1,000 Packets/Box/3 Boxes/Carton (MKL14609)

Office Snax Mini Condiment Set, Salt/Pepper, Six-Shaker Set (OFX00056)

Smucker's Smucker's Peanut Butter, Single Serving Packs, 200/Carton (SMU2282)

Smucker's Honey, Single Serving Packs, 1/2 oz, 200/Carton (SMU763)

Smucker's Jam Assortment, Single Serving Packs, 1/2 oz, 200/Carton (SMU774)

Diamond Crystal FLAVOR FRESH Mayonnaise Packets, .317oz Packet (MKL 78030)

Diamond Crystal Fresh Ketchup Packets, .317oz Packet, 200 Packets (MKL71004)

Diamond Crystal Flavor Fresh Mustard Packets, .317oz, 200/Carton (MKL72010)

Diamond Crystal Mayonnaise Packets, .317-oz. Packet, 200 Packets (MKL78030)

Diamond Crystal FLAVOR FRESH Honey Pouches, .317oz Packet, 200/Carton (MKL79001)

Smucker's Jif To Go, Creamy Chocolate Silk, 1.5 oz Cup, 8/Box (SMU24112)

Smucker's Jif To Go, Creamy Peanut Butter, 1.5 oz Cup, 8/Box (SMU24136)

Diamond 4 Oz. Disposable Salt Shakers - Pre-Filled Plastic, 48/Case (FOR-0671)

Diamond Crystal 4 Oz. Disposable Pepper Shakers - 48 Pepper Shakers (FOR-0670)

Four-In-One Ketchup Packets, 200 Packets (FOR-6494)

Four-In-One Mustard Packets, 200 Packets (FOR-6495)

Coffee-mate Liquid Creamer Mini Cups, Pumpkin Spice, 50 Creamers (NES75520)

Coffee-mate Liquid Creamer Mini Cup, Pumpkin Spice, 50/Box, 4 Boxes (NES75520CT)