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You may be hearing a lot about Solid Ink Printers lately. What are they and how are they different from other types of printers? Above all, you may you wondering if a solid ink printer best for you? Read on and find out.

Tektronix created this solid ink technology in the mid-1980s. Xerox acquired Tektronix Color Printing and Imaging Division in 2000 and so solid ink technology is now a part of Xerox. Though not brand new, solid ink printers are becoming more popular. What is a solid ink printer? A solid ink printer is just that. It is a printer that uses solid sticks of ink. These ink sticks are made up of a non-toxic, resin-based polymer much like a crayon. These types of printers are cartridge-free which means no empty printing cartridges to contend with and because of that fact these printers generate up to 90% less printing waste than other printing technologies today. Unlike ink cartridges, solid ink sticks do not dry up after being idle for a stretch of time. Solid ink printers are able to produce bright and beautiful color very well. In fact, when these printers first hit the markets they were targeted toward graphic designers because of the intense and dynamic color definition the melted wax creates. These printers are not only for those in specialist industries. Solid ink printers are a great option for those who do not do much printing or are looking for a more environmentally-friendly printer option.

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