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Desk Pad Refills

When you are in the market for Desk Pad Refills, you have come to the right place. Shop for the very best in refills for your desk pads. Reliable and affordable, our desk pad refills are of top quality with smooth paper that is a pleasure to write on.

We carry top quality doodle pads of blank paper for not only doodling, but also for conveniently jotting down important information and notes. Throw a bunch in the center of a conference table with some writing utensils. They are great for use in meetings for brainstorming ideas or even for your little one drawing pictures of rainbows at home. The paper is smooth and ideal for just about any type of marking device such as pencils, pens, markers, or even crayons to glide across the surface. The bright white paper will easily allow colors to show up vibrantly and the dark black markings to be fully contrasted.

We also carry a desk pad calendars that will conveniently provide 12 months of scheduling at your fingertips. Write down important dates, deadlines and appointments for the full year ahead. The day block spaces are large enough to include multiple lines of information for each day. Need even more information for a certain day? No problem. Each calendar month also provides a large section ruled for notes, reminders or other additional information. For even more convenience, there is also a full 12 month calendar at the bottom of each page for the ultimate in convenience. Each page is bound for security, yet perforated for when the month needs to be removed cleanly and neatly. All four corners are reinforced for year-long durability and dependability. The blue and gray colors will complement just about any office décor while being easy on the eyes.

Shop for desk pad refills and so much more to start saving today!

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House Of Doolittle Doodle Desk Pad Refill, 25 Sheet Pad, 22 x 17 (HOD402)

Doolittle Monthly Desk Pad Calendar, 18-1/2" x 13", Blue/Gray, 2020 (HOD1646)

Universal Sketch Pad, 160 lbs, 9" x 12", White, 70 Sheets (UNV66370)