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Docking Stations

Docking Stations are ideal for both home and business office spaces. Also known as a universal port replicator, docking stations are a very convenient option. They enable you the luxury of not plugging and unplugging each of your cables with each use. Your peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, or speakers need not be touched when operating your laptop as a desktop computer. A docking station is a hardware device that allows the best of both computer worlds by essentially converting a portable laptop computer into a desktop computer with almost zero effort. A docking station is a handy, space saving, affordable option over purchasing both a desktop computer and a laptop.

Of course, laptop computers are not the only electronic devices that deserve the convenience of docking stations. Why not experience the freedom and joy of hands-free dictation? Easily transfer dictations directly to your computer within mere seconds with a USB docking station plus charger for your digital pocket memo voice recorder. For educational facilities, businesses, or even homes with families who have many electronic devices, we carry a multiple device charger so up to 10 tablets or laptops can be charged simultaneously in a small footprint. It offers surge protection and each electronic device can be stored in its own compartment to prevent wire tangles with the built-in cable management system while the open set-up allows for easy access and wireless syncing.

Here at we offer our customers a vast selection of technology devices at low, wholesale prices, every day. We may not be the first website you think of for docking stations and other computer hardware accessories, but maybe we should be. Shop for docking stations for your laptop, pocket memos, and so much more and start saving big on technology products for your home and business today!

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Belkin Store and Charge Multiple Tablet Charger w/Surge Protection (BLKB2B074)

Kensington USB 3.0 Docking Station with DVI/HDMI/VGA Video (KMW33972)

Kensington SD4000 Universal USB Docking Station, Black (KMW33983)

Tripp Lite Dual Monitor Mount, For Monitors 13" to 27" (TRPDDR1327DCS)

Tripp Lite Quad Monitor Mount Stand, For Monitors 13" to 27" (TRPDDR1327SQFC)

Linksys 16-Port Desktop Gigabit PoE Switch, 1 Each (LNKLGS116P)

Linksys 16-Port Smart Gigabit PoE+ Switch, Black, Each (LNKLGS318P)

Kensington USB-C Universal Dock, 4 Ports, Black, 1 Each (KMW38231)

Swiss Mobility Sterling 14" Computer Sleeve, Gray (SWZTAC1024SMGRY)

ChargeTech Floor Stand, 15"Wx25"Lx44-1/2"H, Black (CRGCT200011)

ChargeTech Floor Stand, 19"Wx19"Lx50"H, Black (CRGCT200016)

ChargeTech Floor Stand, 19"Wx19"Lx50"H, Black (CRGCT200020)

ChargeTech Charging Dock, Cell Phone, 4-4/5"Wx4-4/5"Dx2-1/2"H, Black (CRGCT300006)

ChargeTech Docking Station w/12 Batteries, Black, 1 Each (CRGCT300041)

ChargeTech Docking Station w/6 Portable Batteries,10-1/4"x6-1/2"x9",BK (CRGCT300044)

ChargeTech Docking Station, 8 Portable Batteries, Black, Each (CRGCT300064)

ChargeTech Charging Cabinet, UV, 20-Bay, 26-1/5"x18-1/2"x29-9/10", BK (CRGCT300095)

ChargeTech Charging Cabinet, UV, 20-Bay, 21-9/10"x14-1/2"x22-3/10",BK (CRGCT300097)

ChargeTech Charging Cabinet, UV, 30-Bay, 26-1/5"x21-7/10"x41-3/10",BK (CRGCT300099)

ChargeTech Charging Cabinet, UV, 30-Bay, 21-9/10"x15-1/2"x33-1/5", BK (CRGCT300101)

ChargeTech UV Charging Cabinet, 40-Bay, 26-1/5"Wx21-7/10"Dx51-3/5"H, BK (CRGCT300103)

ChargeTech Charging Cabinet, 40-Bay, 21-9/10"Wx15-3/5"Dx43-2/5"H, Black (CRGCT300105)

ChargeTech UV Charging Cabinet, 10-Bay, 26-1/5"Wx21-7/10"Dx18-1/2"H, BK (CRGCT300107)