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Inks & Paper Combinations

What do peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, and sun and sand all have in common? They are perfect combinations. Here at we believe in making life a little easier for our customers, so we decided to add one more combination to that convenience list: inks and photo paper. Most of us buy ink and then we also buy the paper to print on. They tend to run out at about the same rate, so why not purchase them together in one handy package? We carry a large selection of vibrant inks and quality paper to help preserve your memories for many years to come. Whether you shopping for heavyweight glossy photo paper or are more interested in a variety of vibrant ink colors, we carry the perfect combo for you! Interested in jet black ink only? We carry that, too!

Canon has specialized in the manufacturing of imaging and optical products for many years. Canon has a respectable reputation for producing top quality consumer imaging supplies including printer inks and paper. offers these genuine, high-quality products at a fraction of the price than other sellers. How can we do it? We cut out the pricey retail stores and the middleman and ship directly from our warehouse to you.

If you happen to be in the market for inks and paper combinations, print media and paper, or other home and office products, search our website first. Shop with us and experience the difference. Our wholesale price tags on all our top quality technology products will make you a customer for life. Don’t take our word for it. Browse our vast online superstore and see what we can help you save on today!

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Canon Color Ink Cartridge & Glossy Photo Kit, 36 Glossy Sheets (CNM7737A001)

Canon 7741A001 Ink Cartridge/Label Set, 18 Sheets, 2 3/5 x 2 (CNM7741A001)

Canon Ink Tank & Photo Paper Combo Pack, 50 Glossy 4 x 6 Sheets (CNM4479A292)

Canon 7739A001 Ink Cartridge/Photo Paper Set, 36 Sheets (CNM7739A001)

Canon KP-108IN Color Ink Ribbon w/Glossy 4 x 6 Photo Paper Pack (CNM3115B001)

Canon 2973B004 Ink & Paper Pack, 2 Inks & 50 Sheets 4 x 6 Paper (CNM2973B004)

Canon Ink Cartridge & Glossy Photo Paper Pack, 50- 4 x 6 Sheets (CNM0615B009)

Canon 6497B004 Inks & Paper Pack, 4 Inks/50 Sheets Paper, CMYK (CNM6497B004)

Canon 8278B005 Inks & Paper Pack, PG245, CL-246 XL, 50 Sheets, 4x6 (CNM8278B005)

Canon 8567B001 Inks & Paper Pack, RP54, 50 Sheets, 4 x 6 (CNM8567B001)

Canon 8568B001 Inks & Paper Pack, RP108, 50 Sheets, 4 x 6 (CNM8568B001)

Canon 6513B010 (CLI-251) Ink & Paper Combo Pack (CNM6513B010)

Canon 0287C001AA (039) Ink, Inkjet Printer, Black, 1 Each (CNMCARTRIDGE039)

Canon 0288C001AA (039H) High-Yield Toner Cartridge, Black (CNMCRTDG039H)

Canon 3481B003AA (324) Ink, Black (CNM3481B003)

Canon 7740A001 (KC-18IL) Ink & Label Set, Black/Tri-Color (CNM7740A001)

HP 02, (Q7964AN) 6-Pack Assorted Original Ink w/Photo Paper (HEWQ7964AN)

HP 564 (J2X80AN) Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Original Ink Cartridge w/Paper (HEWJ2X80AN)

HP 62, Black and Tri-Color Original Ink with Photo Paper (HEWK3W67AN)

Brother Wireless Ink Free Label Printer, Variable Lines (BRTVC500W)