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Coffee, like our beloved baseball, is a national pastime.  Wherever you are, be sure to have all you need on hand.  Busy professionals find it advantageous to buy in bulk and thus save money and time.  With today’s sophisticated packaging, coffee and side kick coffee service products, like creamers, sugar and Sweet and Low, stay fresh and last if properly stored.  So whether you are buying just for one or for an entire company of coffee lovers, stock up and save, save, save.  Canisters of sugar and creamer should always be on hand every day.  Additionally, purchase small individual packets of coffee, creamers and sugar for on-the-go convenience.  You want to be on-the-ready to carry your beverage with you at a moment’s notice.  In fact, keep disposable hot cups, cup lids and stirrers abundant too.  Handiwipes and the all natural and organic pocket (and pocketbook) sized Sun and Earth On the Spot Instant Stain Remover pen need to be with you, in your desk or in your car to attack any mishaps.  You can never be too prepared.  Kitchen paper towels for your lap will catch any quick spills – even one drop is too much.  For many of us, coffee is a mandatory treat and necessity.  CleanItSupply can ensure you get what you need each day and every time.   Save more than money, save your treasured American pastime.  Buy low cost coffee service & coffee supplies like coffee, coffee filters, sugar, stirrers, cream & more from the leading wholesale cleaning supplies and restaurant supplies provider.

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Bunn 12 Cup Size Coffee Filters, 1,000 Filters (BNN 1000)
Bunn 10 Cup Size Coffee Filters, 1,000 Filters (BNN A10)
Office Snax Sugar Canisters, 24 Canisters (OFS 00019)
Office Snax Creamer Canisters, 24 Cans (OFS 00020)
Office Snax Sugar Packets, 1,200 packets per case (OFS 00021)
Office Snax Creamer Packets - 800 packets per case (OFS 00022)
Unwrapped Straws, Cocktail Straws, 6,000 straws, Red (BWK 8PS)
Wood Coffee Stirrers, 7-1/2" Length, 5,000 Stirrers (RPPR825CT)
Wood Coffee Stirrers, 5-1/2in Length (RPPR810CT)
Classicware Coffee Mugs, White (WNA CWM8192W)
Classicware Coffee Mugs, Black (WNA CWM8192BK)
Masterpiece Premiere Coffee Mugs (WNA CWM8192IPREM)
Nestle Carnation Coffee-mate Liquid - 200 mini cups per case (NES35110CT)
Nestle Carnation Coffee-mate Liquid - 200 mini cups per case (NES35170CT)
Coffee Clutch Hot Cup Sleeves, 1,200 per Case (LBP 6106)
Folgers Classic Roast Coffee - Regular, 6 Cans (SMU 00367)
Folgers Coffee Regular Flavor Filter Packs, 160 Packs (SMU 06114)
Folgers Premeasured Decaffeinated Coffee Packs, 42 Packs (SMU 06927)
Folgers Premeasured Coffee Packs - Classic Roast - 0.9-oz. Packs (SMU 06930)
Unwrapped Stir-Straws 5.25", Red, 8,000 Stir-Straws (BWK ST-S52R-8)
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix, Sugar Free, 144 Packets (MRC 55584)
Genuine Joe Vacuum Pump Pot, 3.5L., Stainless Steel (GJO11962)
Genuine Joe Cup Sleeves, 10-16-oz., Corrugated, 50/PK, Brown (GJO19049PK)
Genuine Joe Stir Sticks, Plastic, For Hot/Cold, 1000/BX, White/Red (GJO20050)
Genuine Joe 20-oz. Sugar Canisters, 3 Canisters (GJO56100)