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When you need to safely deliver rescue breaths during a respiratory or cardiac arrest situation, then you need a good quality CPR Mask. A CPR mask, sometimes also known as a pocket face mask, is a small device that is portable enough to carry around to have on hand when needed to aid in emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures. CPR masks allow for a clear mouth barrier for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in supplying oxygen and blood flow to the heart and lungs. Using a CPR mask allows the first responder to perform life-saving aid and exhales though the mask without having to fear the possibility of potentially infectious bodily substances accidentally entering the emergency responder's mouth.

Surgically clean and disposable, our CPR masks come in a sealed, tamper evident pouch for sterile single use. CPR masks are sometimes available in a compact, disposable form for travel and convenience. If you are a trained health professional or just someone who values the lives of others, be sure to have plenty of masks on hand to store in your suitcase, purse, wallet, briefcase, car, and in your first aid kit. Carrying a CPR mask is certainly an affordable, simple, yet effective solution to helping either save a person's life or someone quite possibly saving yours. Protect yourself and others from transferring unwanted bodily fluids and germs so that the main focus of saving a life is of the utmost importance and immediate concern.

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Physicianscare Emergency First Aid Disposable CPR Mask, 10/Box (FAO92100)