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An Overhead Projector allows the user to easily display images to others. An overhead projector works similarly to a slide projector. “A focusing lens projects light from an illuminated slide onto a projection screen where a real image is formed,” according to Wikipedia. The overhead projector has been around since around 1870s when a French inventor named Jules Duboscq created the “viewgraph.” Initially used for police work, then by the United States Army for training, and eventually became a popular fixture in businesses and schools by the mid-century. Educators found the overhead projectors to be more comfortable, easy time-savers. Rather than having to write in large letters on the chalkboard, teachers were able to simply write as they normally would on a piece of paper. This cut down on unproductive time since more information could then fit on a sheet than on the chalkboard and there was no time wasted having to erase the board before moving on. The teacher could also use pre-printed material for when a lesson was to be later referenced again.

Today, overhead projectors have been partially phased out with the current use of interactive whiteboards to project a computer image onto the board in the front of the classroom or in business conference rooms. Yet there is still a market for overhead projectors. Overhead projectors are much simpler to use than today’s technologies so there is no learning curve and the failure rate is much lower in comparison to the current competition’s technology.

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