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Be heard; use a PA System. PA systems are public address systems that amplify sound. PA systems are ideal for addressing large audiences in a public area. PA systems are not only for announcing speech but also can be used for delivering music. Educational facilities, businesses, industrial and commercial locations all could benefit from a PA system allowing the distribution of sound to resonate throughout a building.

Perfect for entertaining large audiences, our best-selling wireless PA system allows the user to connect an iPod or iPhone to the system to easily share multimedia files. It includes a built-in DVD player and a wireless receiver and microphone that automatically mutes the music when you speak into the microphone. This go-anywhere PA system is lightweight and includes a comfort-grip handle for travel. When searching for the ideal companion for LCD projectors, one of our Top Picks is not only a speaker but also an amplifier that delivers crisp, clear sound in rooms up to 10,000 square feet. Use it for playing music from CDs and also for multimedia projectors. It includes a handy carrying case with shoulder strap so you can take it anywhere you need to.

If these PA systems may not be exactly what you are looking for, simply check out our full selection. We are sure to have whichever PA system that is right for you and your needs. Wired, wireless, portable, powerful or perhaps all of the above, whatever it is you need, is sure to have the PA system for you at a price that is fair and affordable. Why waste valuable time shopping around when we are known not only for our low prices but also our quality. Trust for all of your audio visual equipment needs and other technology products. Shop today!

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Amplivox Wireless Audio Portable Group Broadcast System (APLSW222)

Portable Buddy Professional PA System w/Pro Wired Mic & 15-ft. Cable (APLS222)

Amplivox Titan Wireless Portable PA System, 100W Amp (APLSW800)

Amplivox Bluetooth Wireless Portable Media Player PA System, 36W (APLSW725)

Amplivox Bluetooth Audio Portable Buddy with Wired Mic, 50W, Black (APLS222A)

Amplivox Bluetooth Audio Portable Buddy with Wireless Handsfree Mic (APLSW222A)

Amplivox Bluetooth Audio Portable Buddy with Wireless Handheld Mic (APLSW223A)

Amplivox Power Pod PA System w/ Carrying Case, 50W, Black, 1 Each (APLSWB245)