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What is Software? “Computer software, or simply software, is that part of a computer system that consists of encoded information or computer instructions, in contrast to the physical hardware from which the system is built,” according to Wikipedia. Software can even be separated further into different categories: applications and systems. Applications software includes programs that actually perform duties and functions for the computer user. This would include spreadsheets and browsers. The other category is systems software with includes the operating system of the computer that allows the computer to properly function.

Here at we carry application software that will make your life much easier. For simplified bookkeeping, check out our software that will allow multiple accounts and companies but only a single user at a time to decrease the likelihood of mistakes. This easy and affordable software is a safe and convenient way to keep track of payroll, sales, expenses, and checks all in one application. For keeping track of your keys, luggage and electronics, we carry a Bluetooth location tracker for your important personal items that you simply cannot afford to lose or be without. This clever device works via an app with smartphones as well as tablets and can track up to 20 items within a 150-foot range. It even has a virtual leash that sets an alarm when item is out of range and can alert you when it is within range. Perfect for people constantly on-the-go. For parents who home-school as well as teachers at schools and learning centers, check out our interactive learning software that includes compact discs for simplified learning. Children tend to learn well when it is presented in a fun way. This software provides standards-based interactive activities that reinforce learning in comprehension, vocabulary, story maps, reading fiction, non-fiction, and so much more.

Browse through our software products as well as other technology products you may be in the market for. Our selection is vast, our quality is high, and our prices are low. Shop with us and start saving big today!

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Dome Simplified Bookkeeping Software, Windows®/Mac® Compatible (DOM00114)

DesignjetPostScript/PDFUpgrade Kit/HPDesignjet T7100 (HEWCQ745B)

Acroprint ProPunch Time & Attendance Software, Each (ACP010287000)

Acroprint ProPunch Biometric Attendance Manager Bundle, 1 Each (ACP010289000)